Split EPs

split 12″ with Acabah Rot, released 2002 on Memento & Ignition Records


Jetzt bueck ich mich schon seit Jahren nach dem Glueck
und werde hinterruecks erneut
in meinen Arsch gefickt
-> Meine Habgier kennt diesbezueglich keine Grenzen
Und endlich dann: Mein Plan ging auf
Ich hab’s geschafft.
Ich bin gesaettigt und traege dahingerafft.
Und die Loesung nach der ich strebe
ist das Ende, das sich findet
ohne die Antwort je wirklich
gesucht zu haben
(und dennoch wart ich immer noch…)
Help me, I’m trying
When you seek you hear
That prevents you from finding,
you find all the same
Help me, I’m trying
When you seek you hear
That prevents you from thinking,
you think all the same
And thinking is not the worst…
I’m waiting for, still waiting for
I’m waiting for Godot.


Der Traum ist aus
Und du zurueck
im Land der begrenzten Moeglichkeiten
wo ein Laecheln viel kostet,
aber dennoch nichts wert ist
Deine Bilder entspringen aus ihrer Moral,
doch was du wirklich willst war ihnen schon immer egal
Solang du ihre Wege gehst hast du die Wahl.
Doch was du WILLST ist ihnen immer noch egal.
It’s not easy to unlearn what you’ve been taught for years
It’s not easy to say no
It’s not easy to let go of the ball and chain at your feet
Was bleibt wenn alles um dich zerfaellt?
Vielleicht ein Stueck selbst (um deiner Selbst willen…)
Rat mal was bleibt wenn alles um dich zerfaellt!
Die Freiheit, endlich zu tun was du willst?!

(Coming back after spending some time in other places/countries/cultures like ours emphasizes how much everything is based around materialism and consumption here. “Owning” stuff seems to be the thing that pleases most people the easiest way. But when you’re posed to other ways of living and when you realize that “poor” people seem to be having a much better time than most people in our “culture” do, you begin to think about the burden that material possession actually is. The less you own the freer you are? When I was travelling in South East Asia (a privilege for sure) the less I was carrying around with myself the more freedom I felt. It came to the point where even small things like my documents seemed to prevent me from total freedom. I know it will take me years to get away from what I’ve been raised with. Mine, yours – I want more… Life can be a lot easier than it is right now.) -C.


split EP with Hablan Por La Espalda, 10″ released 2005 on Cecilesque Records,  CD released 2005 on Laja, Fuckitall and Ordinary Records

rising from the ashes of a broken heart
reminds me of getting up after a night that’s been too short
I’ve got a hungover heart and my head’s still throbbing
from bad drinks and second hand smoke
I struggle to my feet and get my eyes used to the light
the day’s beauty dawns on me and wets my sore eyes with relief
well we tend to ignore it
we think it’s less than boring
but here comes a warning:
to the hungover hearts:
it goes without saying
and I don’t mind if you go without saying it
but don’t go without listening
once we’ve lost what we wanted
well we tend to ignore that
a new life starts every morning

I was thinking about the one way
but then I took the other way
and as long as I wanna stay
I’m on my way
my way is leading me
through all of mine to see me
I can feel her heart beating in mine
being together in one mind
being the same same all the time
be yourself, play your own game!
as a part of the big game
we all are mirrors in this game
we all are gold and silver looking stars
and we’re shining as bright
as our mirrors are cleaned
and look like
a line of white light at the top of the red wine
bells of heaven and the horns of an angel
going deep and every vibration is forever and true
like the magic of yellow, green, red, and blue
clearer with every step into space
where everything is
I guess this is the place I belong to
my mirror has cleaned
and that’s you looking at yourself
it’s not the mirror’s fault
when you don’t like what you can see inside
cause what my heart is seeing and feeling
and loving and each day
my friend, that’s just my way
there’s nothing more to say
my friend that’s just my way

may I introduce myself
I am a squirrel
and I live my life in the trees
I ain’t done nothin’ to nobody
but I’m afraid of the fox
because the fox wants to eat me
he wants to eat all of me because he’s so hungry!
you can catch me like a butterfly
put me in a jar on your window sill
je suis un écureuil
je classe des noix tous les jours
je vive dans les arbres
je suis pacifiste
j’ai peur du renard parce que le renard veut me dévorer!
you can catch me like a butterfly
put me in a jar on your window sill