29.10. Heidelberg, Germany
27.7. Zaragoza, Spain
26.7. Donosti, Spain
25.7. Los Corrales, Spain
24.7. Piedras Blancas, Spain
23.7. Lapeyrère, France
17.7. Memmingen, Germany
5.6. Schwyz, Switzerland
4.6. Tours, France
3.6. Nantes, France
2.6. Caen, France
1.6. Münster, Germany
29.5. Copenhagen, Denmark
28.5. Berlin, Germany
3.4. Blois, France
21.2. Idar-Oberstein, Germany
19.2. Esslingen, Germany
4.1. Dresden, Germany
3.1. Zittau, Germany
1.1. Berlin, Germany

theshow: Heidelberg/Germany, Villa Nachttanz, Fri Oct 29 2004

theplayers: Tidal

theplayahaters: 30

notes: Our first show in our part time home town of 2004. Small part actually. The show was at a party where really nobody knew us so that would be a nice challenge, no hardcore people, just normal folks and some friends. We had practiced earlier that day, and it was a really good practice. The sondcheck was also good, even though (or because) we had to balance the sound ourselves. So the place slowly began to fill, moe and more kids were coming, and we were to start. So we did, and I have to admit that we totally blew it. The show was a pain in the ass. Why that is, why we messed up, why we play this unprofessional and self-conscious after five years is a mystery to me. After this show I knew that I will never again play a show like this.

theshow: Zaragoza/Spain, Arrebato, Tue July 27 2004

theplayers: Tidal

theplayahaters: 10

notes: We wondered why the highway was so empty. We had to stop every 20 or so kilometers to pay toll. Later someone told us this is the most expensive highway of Spain. Well, seems like we got it, huh? Wrong. But we had no time whatsoever. In Zaragoza we felt the heat of interior Spain (34 degrees at 8 pm). We drove around in the city for almost an hour until we found the place. We went to a vegetarian restauraunt and had the greatest dinner of the tour (my personal opinion). We played to ten people (negative record?) and drove home afterwards because we had wantred to record our new songs two days later, and the trip was to take 20 hours. Unfortunately Somewhere in France the next day the guy from the studio told us that he had no time. So the hotel that the kids in Zaragoza had booked for us and we denied for lack of time made us bite our tired asses. Returning home. Already, my parents said. A long week, a short week, back home for summer fun and nice boredom.

theshow: Donosti (San Sebastian)/Spain, Mon July 26 2004

theplayers: Tidal+1

theplayahaters: 20

notes: After we finally found out anything about the show (we hadn’t known either who organized it nor where it was to be) we went to Donosti and met the guys (forgot their names, sorry) there in the wealthy city center. This city must be so rich, there is no equivalent in Germany or any other city I’ve ever seen. Still, our native guide rolled his chocolate spliffs without any worry while we drove through the city rush hour. He led us to a hill by the sea. And that hill went way up! Our little van almost didn’t make the steepness. On top of the hill was a house where some people had installed an independent cultural organization with concerts and the likes. We got vegan Paella (=rice, peas and water). On that day there was a huge annual Jazz Festival in the city, and from th ehill we could watch down to a stage where a nice quartet was playing. The sound up there was enjoyable. Someone told us John McLaughlin would play later. What a surprise! So we could watch McLaughlin play seated with some Hindu folks who played percussion and one guy who made brilliant vocal sounds (taka taka tauaka or something). We played to a hand full of people, and the first band was generic fastcore. Nothing special. Then we played and I think the people were surprised that we didn’t play generic thrash core or something. So they seemed to like it though they were a bit reserved. We went to sleep in a squat outside of town (so I realized there are even poor parts in this rich town). There was a great DIY-skate park which we skated a little at 3 am. In the squat there was a bag of salted microwave popcorn. So much that we could have filled the entire squat with popcorn, right up to the ceiling.

theshow: Los Corrales/Spain, Sun July 25 2004

theplayers: Tidal, Myra Lee, Hooverville, The Mystery Machine

theplayahaters: 50

notes: Sort of an open air show this time, which is always good for the summer. The bands played in an open straw hut. There were quite a lot of kids there, and some had witnessed our legendary 10-minute-show in Santander in 2001 (read more under “Early Shows”). The first band, The Mystery Machine, played Casio Core. You know, like Song of Zarathustra or Crimson Curse. Not even bad. Then Hooverville played too long with their good style of classic Emo-Hardcore with great female vocals. We had to play a short set – once again because the policia was waiting around the corner. Myra Lee, who had joined us spontaneously after Piedras Blancas, could play 15 minutes, and they really rocked it. Good three-piece. At the bar where the show was we could drink anything for free, which was very nice for a change. So we drank Whiskey and Gin Tonic and then somebody brought Pizza and Lasagne.- So everybody was happy. Then we went to Torrelavega to sleep in the practice room of the local bands. I remember sleeping very deeply after tasting some genuine Spanish Chocolate.

theshow: Piedras Blancas/Spain, Campo Futbol, Sat July 24 2004

theplayers: Tidal, Posession, Based On a Lie etc.

theplayahaters: 150

notes: Ten hours later maybe, we arrived at the Campo de Futbol in Piedras Blancas, Asturias, in the North West of Spain. We unloaded our stuff and went right to Salinas, where there are tourists and beaches and waves! Then back to the show. The schedule said we’d play at 2:15 am! It seemed like a joke. But it wasn’t! In fact when we started to play it was already past 5 am! And as if that hadn’t been enough, right before we started the police came and wanted to shut down the show, because some neighbors had called them (as late as 4.30 am or so!) Crazy Spanish world! So we could play 15 minutes and then end the show. Strange start for the Spanish shows… we met Myra Lee at the festival who joined us spontaneously for the show in Torrelavega the next day. We slept at a school/library kind of institution with showers (hard water streams! Ouch!!!) and eat some bad food the next day and went off to the next show…

theshow: Lapeyrère/France, Olivier’s Garage, Fri July 23 2004

theplayers: Tidal, Spurs, Tekken, Lisbeth Fisher

theplayahaters: 30

notes: Already a new tour, yes, touring sucks but it is very great. First stop – second time in Lapeyrère, at our friends Karl and Agnes’s house out in the tro de cul du monde, 50 kilometers South of Toulouse, after 16 or so hours of driving. Karl is a guy who has been into hardcore much longer than you plus is one of the nicest guys we’ve met. He did this show for us in his small village (Lapeyrère/Lafitte=three houses, twelve people and forty cats), in the garage of his neighbor Olivier, a philosophy teacher from Strasbourg who likes the Stooges and Can. It was a very familiar atmosphere, we would have loved tho stay there for longer, out there in the quiet countryside where the outside world doesn’t matter so much as what you’re going to eat next. I think one day we’ll go there spending two or three days there, it will be good for mental health I’m sure. Lisbeth Fisher played grind core with guitar and drum computer, funny sounding. Tekken played fast hardcore like Charles Bronson. Then we played, and some in the audience seemed to know a lot of our lyrics – this is really a pleasure! It doesn’t happen too often you know… – and it was as I said a great atmosphere, too bad we hd to drive on after the show to get to Spain directly, but the Atlantic ocean was awiting for us! So goodbye Agnes and Karl, thanks a lot, you and Olivier, see you next time! A la prochaine!

theshow: Schwyz/Switzerland, Himmel, Sat June 5 2004

theplayers: Tidal, Lebrisk

theplayahaters: 50

notes: The first time entering Switzerland and no trouble with the border police: Gero, our driver drove past them at very high pace and they stopped us, so he braked hard, and I thought ‘Shit, now they will rip us apart!’. They opened our trunk and saw our cabinets and drum parts, said ‘Ah! La musique.’ and let us pass with no further investigation. So we arrived in Schwyz at noon. Good since we could sleep there. Then later the Swiss kids arrived, made us good food and gave us weeds to roll into small pieces of paper and burn. Lebrisk are guys form Austria, in fact the guys who organize the Transmitter Fest every year where we played in 2000. Converge-Locust-Metal-Emo with two singers. Good guys. This time there weren’t as many kids as last time, and they didn’t rock as hard as last time. So last show there was better. But I liked it nonetheless. After the show I drove home right away, while the others slept there and did some more of the weeds…

theshow: Tours/France, Le Napoléon, Fri June 4 2004

theplayers: Tidal + one

theplayahaters: 25

notes: A nice trip travelling along the Rhone (I think) which is a really nice natural river, not straightened or industrialized. Lots of sand banks and stuff, nice to watch. And the weather was nice, too. So I remember this as a nice trip. Then we got to Tours where our organizer Guillaume Brot was expecting us already, along with the other band whose name I forgot, sorry. First we got Pizza (you always do there) and then they played. As I was suffering a bad haedache (lots of driving and little sleeping), I didn’t watch them, just heard them. Fast hardcore like Charles Bronson or something. Not bad, but sucked in combination with my headache. Our show was okay, actually same as in Nantes, during the Spanish part in Seifenblasen everybody was dancing towards the end of the set. In fact the few people watching us really were loud, screaming for more like hungry dogs. I broke six strings during the set, which is a personal record and probably due to a mixture of the humid basement and my bad karma.

theshow: Nantes/France, Bar bar de la mer, Thu June 3 2004

theplayers: Tidal, Gameness

theplayahaters: 20

notes: Another bar show, which is always nice and often like this in France. What I remember is a cool sound guy who was very interested and engaged (he took notes on our amp preferences, like how much treble etc.), good food (“c’est du blé, Séb said, who organized the show, I think it was some kind of Bulgour, and I liked it a lot), and a good show that started slow and ended furiously. When we played Seifenblasen at the end of the set, the few people there didn’t want us to stop at all. And we sweated a lot. Gameness were good too, and nice to see them again. Morgan knows who to scream, haha. We slept in a bunker on the countryside and had open air showers with a plastic tub the next morning.

theshow: Caen/France, Bar La Place, Wed June 2 2004

theplayers: Against Me, Tidal

theplayahaters: 150

notes: We arrived in Caen earlier than we’d thought, around 11 in the morning. The whole town was full of police which was because of the celebrations of D-Day that were to take place that weekend. With Bush and Putin coming to Caen. We also went to the beach, first time this year I saw the ocean. Unforntunately it was too cold to swim. The show was in a bar, you’d never have that sort of shows here in Germany, while all our French shows were in bars. We rocked a good set again, I was very happy again (also because of the lasagna they made us). Piecho form Amanda Woodward was a very good host, we could stay in his flat before the show and relax, and he’s a really relaxed person as well. That feels good on a stressy tour with hardly any sleep. But back to the show. When Against Me started to play, the room was so full that even the band couldn’t quite stand. It was one mass of kids. And they rocked so well! These songs are okay on record, but live it’s just awesome! I really got in the mood for drinking after the show and all those drinking songs… So we all drank some French Calvados type Schnaps and partied some more. Next day we went off to Nantes.

theshow: Münster/Germany, Baracke, Tue June 1 2004

theplayers: Yellow Press, Tidal

theplayahaters: 25

notes: A very little place, but nice, with a lot of light. I remember the good food which we were served plenty. Yellow Press were nice guys. You know, Californians. If you’ve ever travelled somewhere and met Californians – well, it’s not hard to tell where they’re from. You know, San fuckin Fran fuckin Cisco. The bass player was very funny indeed, though he seemed to be ending his twenties soon, but he acted like a teenager almost. Really great guys. On stage they were even better than I had imagined. They made the people dance though there only were some. Before them, we played a great show, the first one on that tour that had me really satisfied considering my aims of that tour. We played tight, had a good sound and almost no breaks in between the set. After the show we went right off to France, a long road was expecting us.

theshow: Copenhagen/Denmark, Ørkenfortet (Art Resistance Festival), Sat May 29 2004

theplayers: Tidal, Psyke Project, Per Vers etc.

theplayahaters: 200

notes: First show in Scandinavia. The venue was a juggling school (apparently funded by state) and this festival included art, theatre, graffiti and music. We played last, and the gig was quite alright, though we had some technical problems again as I recall. What else… we played a football game before the show and Fabe passed me the ball in a champion-esque manner whereupon I put my head towards it and scored a great goal. Next day we were in Christiania, the so-called free city which is a tourist attraction to me. Respect to the people who once founded it and still try to keep it going. But I had expected more.

theshow: Berlin/Germany, Kastanie, May 28 2004

theplayers: Tidal, Van Norden, Plokk, Madman’s Night Affair

theplayahaters: 80

notes: Back in Berlin tonight. The weather was so nice when we drove into Berlin, I can’t remember having seen Berlin at such good weather… ever. MNA are ex-Funky Chicken who are very good musicians (way better than us) but are not quite sure what sound they want to play, so every song sounds very different to the others, which made it all sound a little incoherent. Plokk are very nice noise rockers from Hamburg, very interesting stuff, mathy ryhthms, no vocals. Van Norden played the third show with us I think, and they played it solid with their Emo/Punk sound. At the end we played (maybe a bit confused since once again technical problems kept us from playing without long breaks). A short night in Berlin, and off we went to Rostock to catch the ferry to Denmark.

theshow: Blois/France, Festival Météore, April 3rd 2004

theplayers: Tidal + more

theplayahaters: 150

notes: Our first show in years without our beloved van which we sold cos we couldna get no TÜV. We went in Boris’ car, which allowed us to go way faster than in the old van which could go 110 km/h max. We still drove 10 hours till we got to Blois. It was cold and I couldn’t get so much into the festival vibe (if there was anything like that there.) The kids were really nice there, they kept saying “no problème!”. We played, the sound on stage wasn’t too good but the show was still ok. By the way, it was also the first show with Boris singing again after his little timeout deluxe. He did a good job though. There were -as always in France- young people in the audience. I had gotten them on our side by letting them drink some of my beer. So they were kinda fond of us, and they danced quite nicely. So, the show was a good one.After playing, we felt like not sleeping on floors and coming home late on Sunday when Monday we’d have to work and study, so we decided to drive right back through the night. Paddy did a great job at that, and with his help and a 2-liter-bottle of Cola we made it in eight hours back to our homes where we could sleep through the Sunday.

theshow: Idar-Oberstein/Germany, JuZ Depot, February 21st 2004

theplayers: Van Norden, Tidal

theplayahaters: 20

notes: Idar-Oberstein is totally provincial, we would say “on the arse of the world” in German. Nonetheless it seems like a big city, huge buildings and all. But it isn’t. We played in a youth club in the same building as a Casino and a boxing club. Funny location. The people there were very kind, we remember those shows where the kids talk to you and you obiously sympathize because you just meet new people and realize you get along with them. On the show there weren’t many people, but it still felt way more smooth than in Esslingen two days before. The sound was great, Martin Bone’s Violoncello sounded awesome, especially in Das Sein und D as Nichts Teil Zwei which we played at the end of the set for about 12 minutes or so. We spent the rest of the night drinking, playing multiball Tischkicker and making playlists with our favorite songs on the DJ’s notebook. A great night we will remember, and we’ll come back there someday.

theshow: Esslingen/Germany, Komma, February 19 th 2004

theplayers: Cat on Form, Tidal

theplayahaters: 20

notes: After several times of cancelling shows in that location we decided to play even though Boris was ill and couldn’t play at the time. When we started I realized how much of a shield the singer is for the other musicians in a band. The front man, you know. So we all turned into front men. We weren’t used to that really so it seemed like a young band playing their first show. After a few song though it got better. There weren’t many people, but we knew most of them, so all was quite familiar. Cat on Form from England started their set without shirts. The guitarists were very active physically. Good, heavy, noisy post hardcore.

theshow: Dresden/Germany, AZ Conni, January 4th 2004

theplayers: Tidal, Anomalie

theplayahaters: 30

notes: After the cold in Zittau we were looking forward to the warm AZ Conni with all the matresses and the good food and all, and of course we weren’t disappointed. This time we played Nintendo to warm up for the show, Mario 1-3, fabe used to be in the Nintendo Club when he was a kid, so he impressed all of us and Anomalie with his extraordinary skills. Anomalie had to leave early because they had a rent car, and that night the snow came down in masses, everything was beautifully white. Anomalie were better than the day before. Then us again. Crazy show, again I hadn’t expected much, but the fun came along with playing. Fabe and I had planned to pull a joke on the others, in the middle of Timeout Deluxe, a new song, Fabe started to play the thrashy Metal part from My Journey, one of our oldest songs. The others’ faces were a nice look. But they joined really well… At some time Boris was standing on stage all naked, presenting his special friend to the small audience. It was a crazy fun show, really enjoyable. After the concert we sat on stage with some friends, drank and smoked and I talked almost everybody into the ground. Oops, that’s when it gets too Turkish, you know. A great tour! A success! 2004 is the year of Tidal, while 2003 was a little lame in some aspects. We’re back!

theshow: Zittau/Germany, Emil, January 3rd 2004

theplayers: Tidal, Anomalie

theplayahaters: 100

notes: It was damn cold in Zittau, where we were to play for the second time. We were just about standing at the heaters all the time. Anomalie from Düsseldorf were to join us for the last two shows of the tour, and they were nice and entertaining guys. Very entertaining. So was their show, quite entertaining indeed. And the stage was high in Zittau, so it’s hard to get in touch with the audience. We played another solid show, giving this tour a very high average of good shows. Oh, that’s just our humble opinion. At the end of the show, we played Blitzkrieg Bop with Fabe singing, and of course the kids liked it! That was like an advertisement of Fabe’s other band, the Renderings, who would play in the same venue some months later… our first on-stage advertisement! See, you can buy us! Send us cool stuff, maybe we’ll play a song for you, ho-ho-ho.

theshow: Berlin/Germany, Butterclub, January 1st 2004

theplayers: Tidal, Roenne

theplayahaters: 100

notes: Well, if you play 1st of January in Berlin, you don’t really expect much. We were afraid we wouldn’t get enough money to pay the gas even. And as we worried, more and more people got in the club, and as Roenne played, there was no square cm left to stand. Roenne are like Systral or something, growled fast Metal Hardcore. We started with an intro longer than planned, and started the year with one of our best shows ever.
The air was all loaded and pregnant with Tidal. Those who were there know what I mean. Hysterically historical.