30.12. Forst, Germany
29.12. Leipzig, Germany
25.12. Lichtenau, Germany
14.11. Moers, Germany
20.9. Freiburg, Germany
9.8. Stuttgart, Germany
12.7. Schwyz, Switzerland
24.5. Lapeyrère, France
28.3. Muenchen, Germany
7.3. Berlin. Germany
5.3. Dresden, Germany
4.3. Braunschweig, Germany
2.3. Koeln, Germany
1.3. Nalbach, Germany
28.2. Stuttgart, Germany
15.2. Nancy, France
14.2. Paris, France

theshow:Forst/Germany, Buntes Haus, December 30 2003

theplayers: Defdump, Tidal +1

theplayahaters: 80

notes: Deeper into tha East side. We tried hard to find the venue, and after half an hour cruising around in Forst, we did. Outside it was still cold, inside it was warm. We warmed up with some ping pong and planned to put “Ping Pong table” on our catering list as soon as we’re big stars. I didn’t hear much of the first band. Our show was, as far as I remember, pretty good again, quite fun to do, with an extended middle part of Dancer’s Smile due to Fabe’s broken string. Defdump rocked the house again. Phew, these guys know how to work it and look good at the same time ;). We spent New Year’s Eve in Berlin at some parties and had great Jam Sessions at 6 pm. Berlin is great, by the way, but since it’s so cheap, you tend to spend a lot of money, for example for the great vegi sushi I had at Smart Deli… go there, it’s great!

theshow: Leipzig/Germany, Gieszer 16, December 29 2003

theplayers: dEFDUMp, Tidal, Compact Justice, Friendly Fire

theplayahaters: 100

notes: Gieszer 16 is a squat, of which there are some left in the Eastern part of Germany. It’s nice to see such huge buildings occupied and used by people not paying rent when you’re used to paying 300 euros for a 12 square meter room in the South of Germany. The bad thing about squats is that they’re cold in the winter. And it was cold, until they made a fire in a huge oven. Friendly Fire are from Frankfurt and play Ska Punk. It was a nice change to all the Punk and Hardcore bands we’d played with in our past shows. The horns were quite nice. The singer was also good. Then Compact Justice played their set of simple but well-done 3/4 Takt-Hardcore, not unlike Breach or Will Haven. Then we played, and we played almost only new songs, Abraxas songs that nobody knew, but it was totally great, we were in such a good mood that everybody had to enjoy it. What a difference to teh show before! The singer of Compact Justice later said he thought we sounded like “somewhere in between Breach and Mineral”. Never heard that comparison before, good! dEFDUMp, the great band with the bad name, who had played there three times before, rocked the house in a fucking solid way. This band could be as big as JR Ewing or something. Check them out if you can! Fortunately we didn’t have to sleep in the cold squat but in a warm apartment. The day after, we checked out Leipzig, and Fabe checked out the Bockwurst for 1 Euro…

theshow: Lichtenau/Germany, Schützenhaus, December 25 2003

theplayers: Tidal, No Comply, 4 Stück etc.

theplayahaters: 300

notes: Local Christmas show somewhere in the South Western part of Germany. In fact the non-announced release show of our new LP, which we received the day before. The atmosphere was like at any Christmas party: People who moved away get together in their home zown to talk about this and that. So there was no particularly huge interest in the music, though all the bands were listened to. 4 Stück were funny, all the bands were quite nice in fact. Our part of the show was honestly bad. We started with some kind of joke, synchronizing a glove, but nobody got the joke. We somehow couldn’t get into it. We just failed. Some liked it still, but to us it left a strange note. We talked about the upcoming tour the days after, about what we don’t want our shows to be like…

theshow: Moers/Germany, Südring, November 14 2003 theplayers: Tidal, Daylight +2

theplayahaters: 10-60

notes: The third try in a row to play the Ruhrpott area, after two had failed, finally worked out.
Since there was only this one show planned, and since it was a Friday, we decided to connect it with a spontaneous short trip to Amsterdam, the Dam of Dams. More on that later.
We arrived earlier than planned, since there were surprisingly almost no traffic jams on the hard way up north. So we were treated to some nice water and bread. The bands before us played the usual Ruhrpott-style metal-mosh-“mayhem” (In fact bands like this can’t hurt me with that music because I stay out), well-played but to me just repetitive and booooring. Daylight were better though, establishing more contact with the audience and playing nicely and very pro (with cordless bass player, which allowed him to better move around on the stage). When we played, there were just a handful of die-hard fans left. See, my complaining can’t change the fact that most Ruhrpott kids like the Ruhrpott mosh better than some stoner prog rock emo. It was okay still, we played some new songs and some moment songs, and the few people enjoyed it, even though we regrettably didn’t play the song Moment though requested. Sorry, won’t happen again. Well maybe it will. Okay, then (as before) we played some table soccer with our big friends from Incendiary and some weird guy who I almost beat up because he was a pain in the ass. Almost, mind you, since I usually don’t beat people up (my balls ain’t as big as those of Ruhrpott mosh metal soldiers). We drove the jerk home and went to sleep. The next day, we brunched (oooh! we might me stoners, but we do catch up with the hip shit!) with the Incendiary guys at the most needless builing in Europe, as Paddy stated correctly, the Oberhausen Centro mall. If you think that people in Germany have and spend less money now than earlier, go there and you’ll know you’re wrong.
Then: Amsterdam. We found the same squat I spent a night or two at with Hablan Por La Espalda during their tour. We put the van there and left for the city and their coffieshops. It was a nice evening, though it seemed like the bars just closed way too early. When we drove home we weren’t searched by the cops. Good.

theshow: Freiburg/Germany, KTS, September 20 2003

theplayers: The Now-Denial, Tidal, Blindspot AD, Teamkiller + one more

theplayahaters: morealess 100 notes: Late September, and still almost 30 degrees in Freiburg, Germany’s Southern sunshine and bicycle capitol. We arrived there in the middle of the night before the show, after practicing with delay effects on 15-year-old girls’ voices. So we basically slept in the van once again, in front of a genuine Studentenheim with lots of bikes. Fast forward >> at the show. Of course, shows at the KTS start late. This time though it was quite ok, with the first band starting at 9 pm or something. I didn’t get to see much before Blindspot AD whose live performance entertained me even more than their CD. Good boys. Then we played, and as usual, we had a lot of technical defects. We and the audience needed some songs of warm-up time, but after a while people -and we- got the sticks out of our arses and shook the house. Workout Punks Now-Denial were pretty good too, ending a good festival with a good atmosphere. Good breakfast in the morning too!

theshow: Stuttgart/Germany, OBW9, August 9 2003

theplayers: Yaphet Kotto, Disco Drive, Tidal

theplayahaters: 80

notes: It was hot in those days. And we finally got to play with Yaphet Kotto. It was ok. I was somewhere else with my mind, but the others liked it. Subjectivity.

theshow: Schwyz/Switzerland, Himmel, July 12 2003

theplayers: Tidal

theplayahaters: 120

notes: Another fine weekend trip, this time to Switzerland, where they have a lot of money, and where they don’t let everybody in very easily. The Swiss border police of course searched the entire van, and finally they surprised us by presenting us a match box with some brown substance in it. None of us had ever seen this box of matches nor the contents of it before. Obviously they thought we were stoners, so they said we should take out the rest now, else it would take until 2 am until they’re done searching. We told them that it wasn’t ours, and we don’t have anything. So there they were, with that piece of dirt which is too little for Swiss laws to fine us or something, so they transferred it to the German customs police. So we had to drive back to the German border point. The Germans were fucking cool guys, they said this was the most brainless thing they did in months, but they had to make reports and all. They said they wouldn’t even have found such a small amount. The strange thing was that the Germans checked the piece again for weight, and then it was heavier than what the Swiss policeman had told us. And they showed it to me, and it was suddenly two pieces! When the Swiss guy had showed it to us, it was just one piece. So probably the Swiss cop put this other piece in there. The Swiss cop also must have stolen our pepper spray, which is not illegal in Switzerland or anywhere, and he didn’t even mention it, just after he searched our van it was gone. So we learned something that day: Some cops steal and cheat. Okay, finally everything was done, so we put the pedal to the rusty metal and hit the roads to Schwyz. We arrived at 11.30 pm, and all the kids were cool and still waiting for us, nobody was angry in the slightest way (compare this to the Cologne show earlier this year!) The kids really celebrated us, and we had a very good show, with encores and all. The next day we went swimming in Switzerland’s cleanest lake. Summertime for Tidal, not a tour, but a great short trip for certain.

theshow: Lapeyrère/France, Salle des Fetes, May 24 2003

theplayers: Tidal, Anarchasis Cloots +1

theplayahaters: 60

notes: Looking back, I’m having a hard time trying to logically understand the decision to play a single show 60 km south of Toulouse, almost in Spain. I don’t know, but when our “old friend” Karl asked us to play, we just said yes. So we started on Friday night at midnight here in Stuttgart. 22 hours later, (trying hard to avoid the expensive French highways), we were damn close to this village so small it’s not even marked in the maps we had and so small nobody we asked knew it. These circumstances, along with the fact that I had forgotten the map Karl had sent me caused some problems. We kept asking people in other villages, but all we got were vague hints and assumptions as to where this strange place could be. We arrived there though somehow, someway. We hadn’t expected that many people in a place so out there, but there were quite a bunch. Playing in France has always been fun, since there are always people at the shows that are not very familiar with the Hardcore subcultural codes, so they just watch the bands and if they like it, they dance, not caring about looks, labels and hardcore gossip. We played on a very high stage, but still this show was one of the best shows of the past months, with everybody dancing and yelling, making strange sounds in this big room. Martin, the inofficial 6th band member, played cello once again and for the first time we could hear everything he played which was very nice. We went to sleep in Karl’s house for the second time, though this time at the other end of France, and the next morning at 11 we had to leave to be back on Monday. 45 hours of driving for 1 hour of playing. the rainiest weekend in months, spent almost entirely in the van. I still don’t know what made us do it. Maybe because we wanted to show ourselves once again that we are in it for the adventures and the fun, and not for calculated boredom. Maybe to see that our old rotting van still takes us anywhere we want to go, no matter how fucked up it will look. Maybe just to have some fun with nice people who don’t give a fuck about what others say about us.
We’ll maybe never know why we did it, but one thing we knew pretty soon: it was worth it.

theshow: Berlin/Germany, Kastanie 85, March 7 2003

theplayers: Tidal, Hablan Por La Espalda, Lowlife

theplayahaters: 100

notes: Berlin gives us a second chance. The last one sucked, remember Tommy-Weisbecker-Haus and another example of Linke Spiesser. Now we were to play in the way better club Kastanie. So Lowlife from Backnang City started it off with their march metal. Some people liked it, so they didn’t seem out of place with us two “emo” bands. HPLE were up next, some of them meanwhile had gotten the Hablan-Tidal-Virus and were quite sick, but it was sill quite nice. Someone reported after the show that Fermín spit into the audience twice. Bad, bad boy. Me goes tisk tisk. Then we played, without Boris who was lying in bed, well, we had decided to still play. Now I really understood why the singer’s job is the hardest one in a band. I was really out of breath… after one song! Still we went on, and in this fucking show 5 strings broke only on my guitar. Sucked sucked sucked. Then we made a jam session with HPLE, had beer showers and broke more stuff, including a Lowlife amp and our bass amp. We didn’t even intend to do so, mind you. The next day we spent getting sick. then we parted. HPLE and me went on to conquer Holland, France, Spain and Switzerland, while the rest of Tidal went home to cure the sickness caused by the virus.

theshow: Dresden/Germany, AZ Conni, March 5 2003

theplayers: Hablan Por La Espalda, Tidal, Julith Krishun

theplayahaters: 80

notes: AZ Conni is one of the best clubs in Germany. It’s a house with everything, a bar, a big bedroom, a good show room, just a very nice thing. The people were nice too, everything was very harmonic, which was good, still having that Cologne thing in our minds. Julith Krishun played first, a local metal emo hardcore band with two singers, quite entertaining they were. Then we played, with a great sound on stage, and the people getting into a good mood more on more. Then HPLE really shook the unsuspecting crowd. First they were quite silent, later they started to move a little and came closer, and when HPLE covered “Rock’n’Roll Damnation” by AC/DC, everybody was dancing and enjoying. At some point, we took Fermín and let him surf the crowd, then he fell to the ground and hit his head, then he passed out, lost conscience, everybody got scared, they strangely carried him on the stage and we prepared for the worse, when suddenly he came back to life, jumped up and continued singing. One more crazy event on this so intense tour. It probably was all too much, the next day Boris got really sick. He was the first one struck by the later-to-be-called “Hablan-Tidal-Virus” that everybody on the tour and even bystanders sooner or later got hit by. So the show in Leipzig the next day had to be cancelled due to Boris being as sick as he had “never felt before”, as he stated it. In Leipzig, only HPLE played, with some more bands, and it was a great show, and in the end Fabe, Paddy and me joined HPLE for a good jam session.

theshow: Braunschweig/Germany, Nexus, March 4 2003

theplayers: Tidal, Hablan Por La Espalda

theplayahaters: 25

notes: This show was in the dusty basement of a big house. The room was really small. And dusty. HPLE wocked the child as usual, and Fermín put out a lit cigarette on his forehead. There was some crazy thing in any of the shows. Then we played, and it was nice as well, the Uru-guys were totally amazed, more than us even. After the show we went to Patty’s place to sleep and we didn’t find a place to park the van, so we grabbed a standing car and carried it a few meters away so we could put the van there. You should try that too, especially if you’re 10 people, it’s fun!

theshow: Koeln/Germany, Bauwagenplatz, March 2 2003

theplayers: Hablan Por La Espalda

theplayahaters: 20-50

notes: You might have heard of this show before. I will give you my very subjective and personal account of it. Here goes. After leaving from Nalbach, all but two of the Uru-Guys and Fabe went to a second division soccer game, Trier vs. Oberhausen. I forgot who won. The others went to Maastricht. While we were sitting in a café, Julian suddenly passed out. We didn’t know what to do, almost panicked, then he came back to conscience. Anyway, we had to stay another hour and a half until he could at least walk to the van. then we drove to Cologne. then we didn’t find the place. We must have driven past it twice, then, after an hour, we finally found it. People were angry of course since a part of the audience had already gone home. Anyway, Julian still felt bad so we couldn’t play. HPLE kicked it though. Fermín was stripping a little like he often does. He was standing in front of the crowd only with his boxers on, but you could see it all. That seemed to offend some people there. Well, what can you do. the people were standing with sticks in their asses anyway. They looked strange. Fermín walked into the audience, touched some people and finally licked over a girl’s face. That was within a couple of seconds, so most people didn’t realize that. Some people left the room. Fermín sang “we are all lesbians”, but the people didn’t understand what he meant. They didn’t want to. Then, after that song, a group of three people, with a guy as the leader, came up to Fermín and wanted to take away the microphone and told him to pull up his pants. Fermín refused. It was strange. Then we started a jam session, based on “White light/white heat” by the Velvet Underground. Suddenly they put out the electricity. They censored us. They were afraid. Of us. Because we were questioning their rules and laws. We just went on shouting “have mercy” along to the drums in the darkness. It felt crazy. Then the discussion started. Everybody seemed to be discussing which was cool to me. The people had something to get angry about. Pearls for swine. Then they kicked us out of the squatted place! Almost everybody was pissed at us. But they didn’t want to discuss with us anymore. What happened some days after the show was that one of the guys who kicked us out e-mailed to the distributor of HPLE’s record, asking them to take the record off the distro. Now you make up your own mind. The next day we went to the carnival with Andree, one of the guys who had set up the show and were pissed at us. But he was great because he had no predujice towards us. We got drunk with him and went circle-pitting in the Cologne subway. All in all a strange thing really. In the end, it was kind of good to leave Cologne the other day.

theshow: Nalbach/Germany, JuZ, March 1 2003

theplayers: Hablan Por La Espalda, Tidal, Van Norden

theplayahaters: 50

notes: Best food on tour. Vegan lasagna with cheese so good it was hard to believe it was vegan. Saarland is always nice to play, like the last time in Lebach when the electricity went out during one of our songs. More on that topic later on ;)
Van Norden. You should keep this name in mind. Very nice new band from there playing Emo Hardcore Punk with good German lyrics. Fuck comparisons, they’re good. Then HPLE, playing just a few songs and a very extended jam session, including Tuka walking around like a broadway travestie star, what a talent! (I have the video!) Then: us, Tidal. What the fuck, Pedro would have said, like the last time, the electricity went out for a short period during one song. Then, the last song, (was it a Ramones cover? I don’t remember), Fabe made a knee slide on the floor that was stopped by a screw sticking out of the ground. Yuck, a deep flesh wound, and he asked Fermín to bite off the piece of flesh that was dirty and hanging out of the wound. Fermín is not a vegetarian, but he still refused. Sickos we are! He had to be sewn in the hospital, five stitches or something.

theshow: Stuttgart/Germany, Club Hi, February 28 2003

theplayers: Hablan Por La Espalda, Tidal

theplayahaters: 100

notes: Yes, the saga was about to continue, that day we were reunited with Hablan Por La Espalda, our brothers-in-mind who came to Europe all the way from Montevideo, Uruguay, in order to show Europe how to rock and roll. The night before the show, as if he wanted to show that they’re all serious with it, Fermín, HPLE’s singer, drank half a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and lost a tooth while trying to descend form the van, falling, and trying to break with his face. It didn’t look nice, but he was laughing. Crazy. The venue: little Hi Club, this former red-light strip bar right in the middle of Stuttgart-City, between tons of make-up wearing worked-out boys driving big loud cars and trying to hook on make-up wearing J-Lo-admiring girls. After a while, the club was totally fucking crowded, a lot of well-known motherfuckers were there, and we were busy trying to put fire to the Sambuca in our mouths. Tidal started the show, and for us, all hell broke loose. the crowd was also dancing, but we just couldn’t hold ourselves back. The first time we really played our new songs that we had just recorded. A lot of stuff broke, Pad’s bass, my amp, it was really fucked up, but it was crazy. An incredible show, even one of the club’s owners, a long-ago former hardcore scenester, admitted us a “very energetic” set. Not that that matters anyway. Then, Hablan Por La Espalda. Wow. They played their new songs that nobody knew but they fucking rocked the shit out of this club’s four walls. Fermín was close to sticking the mic up his ass, Valentín smashed a bottle and cut his chest so deep that there are huge scars now, Fabe was hit by a mirror that fell onto his face while he was surfing the crowd. Exhausting. After the show, Tidal bass player Pad got into trouble with the bouncers of the club (note: bouncer=asshole in 95% of all clubs) because he wanted to take a bottle of beer out of the club. Apparently they almost started a fight, but luckily for them fuckers, they didn’t. Don’t mess with Tidal, no matter what fucking reason there is. You will lose.

theshow: Nancy/France, Washington, February 15 2003

theplayers: Tidal, I’m afraid to depress

theplayahaters: 70

notes: …the day after we drove to Nancy, with eight people in our van, Maylie from Nancy and Morgan from Paris were also with us which was great. The show was in a Rock’n’Roll pub with classic R’n’R armature. We got awesome food (Apple Pie!) and had a nice night there, the show was dope and Martin, our Cello guest member who joined us that weekend did a great job again. Then we drove back home to Germany after having spent the greatest weekend in a long time.

theshow: Savigny-le-Temple, France, l’Empreinte, February 14 2003

theplayers: Tidal, Yage, Burn Hollywood Burn, Gameness, Submerge, Dead for a Minute

theplayahaters: 300

notes: 2003 starts off. The first show is nothing smaller than Paris! And it’s not only in Paris, it’s on fucking Valentine’s Day! So we planned to spend the whole weekend in France, and for some of us it was the first time going to Paris. This time we didn’t want to be too late for the show so we started eraly in the morning. After a few hours we wanted to fuel the van back up because it was close to empty, so we pulled up to a gas station on the highway in France. Unfortunately we preferred to make fun with the pressure air (you know, that’s what you put in your tires) instead of actually getting some gas. So, right in the middle of nowhere, or, more specifically, in la Meuse (!), we ran out of gas, right beside an emergency phone. So we called the srevice and ended up paying 85 euros for a few liters of gazole. Should’ve been Absinthe of something! well we still got at the show in time, not without meeting Yage’s Simmering VW bus on the roas and continuing our highway vegetable throwing contest. We missed the first band which I am really sorry about because they’re brilliant, check out Gameness if you can! Of all the other bands I just saw a few songs but it was all very decent, proof again that there is no reason for French hardcore bands to hide behind German bands (if you let me use these national categories). Yage were good as ever, playing some new songs I guess and of course some classics. The crowd liked it! Next up was us, and we played the kids some new songs and sonme old ones, and surprisingly, the new ones just seemed to be more fun to both us and the audience. The stage was too fucking high whatsoever. After the show a 50-year old French man ame up to me and told me he drove 100 km to see the bands that night and he had all our records and he also liked Mörser and Systral… this must be the coolest HC fan I met in a long time!
We spent the night in a hotel (wow) with bath tubs and TV sets (showing funny weird French gothic porn) where we also had breakfast the other day. Then we kicked it off to the center of Paris and saw all the important things, the Eiffel Tower, where we tried to get in twice without paying and waiting but we failed both times. It was still funny.