6.10.01 Stuttgart
8.9.01 Hohenems, Austria
21.8.01 Santander, Spain
20.8.01 Pontevedra, Spain
19.8.01 Lisboa, Portugal
18.8.01 Loulé, Portugal
17.8.01 Conil de la Frontera, Spain
15.8.01 Úbeda, Spain
14.8.01 Alicante, Spain
9.8.01 Lanaster, France
7.8.01 Dunkerque, France
29.6.01 Nuertingen
9.6.01 Muenchen
8.6.01 Ljutomer, Slovenia
7.6.01 Ajdovscina, Slovenia
6.6.01 Pula, Croatia
5.6.01 Sisak, Croatia
4.6.01 Gornji Kursanec, Croatia
3.6.01 Zagreb, Croatia
1.6.01 Oehringen
12.1.01 Herrenberg
10.1.01 Tuebingen
5.1.01 Nuertingen
2.12.00 Oehringen
15.9.00 Schweinfurt
7.7.00 Nuertingen
17.6.00 Duisburg
22.4.00 Nuertingen
12.4.00 Tuebingen
11.3.00 Ofterdingen
29.12.99 Schanbach
27.12.99 Moessingen
10.12.99 Geislingen
3.12.99 Friedrichshafen
15.-17.10.99 Backnang
23.9.99 Schorndorf

theshow: Stuttgart/Germany, Tidal Record Release Show, Saturday October 6 2001

theplayers: Tidal, play the piano drunk like a percussion instrument until the fingers begin to bleed, acabah*rot, DJ Enrico Palazzo

the audience: 150

notes: A Heimspiel for us and acabah*rot. We were quite excited and couldn’t wait to get started for the last show in four months. And damn, was that place crowded! 150 people pressed tight in a small humid basement watching acabah*rot go off at their unique style of Post-Hardcore. A really good band, expect to hear from them. The Piano Band rocked hard as well, and it was more of a pleasure to watch them because the basement wasn’t as crowded as before. Then the room got filled up to the last square inch when we started, people were even standing on the stairs around the corner. As if that wasn’t ebough, some guys in the audience went apeshit and made others angry because there was simply no space left to stand. Weird situation. But the show was so great! I can’t remember having had so much fun playing in Germany before. Really, really good. Great sound, Everything wet, and we played more than 45 minutes I guess. We’re going for the long distances… We played two new songs and the people seemed to like them. And whew, the first time I noticed people are singing our lyrics… I never wanted that show to stop, and I felt I could just start touring again. Sadly, we’ll have to wait for that for more than four months. But this was the greatest night to help us over this period.

visuals: flyer pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4 pic5

theshow: Hohenems/Austria, Transmitter Festival, Saturday September 8 2001

theplayers: Peter & the Test Tube Babies, Scuffy Dogs, Kurort, Tidal, Backslide

the audience: 300+

notes: Our first show in Austria. The venue was a factory hall, the huge rockstar stage was set up in a big room on the first floor of the building, and on the same floor was the backstage area. Well, words cannot describe what that looked like, but it was pretty close to what we call Schlaraffenland. A vegan buffet, about 10 meters long, with fresh fruits, vegetables, snacks, a pot of garlic etc., 2 different delicious meals, all sorts of drinks (including an exclusive bottle of Absinthe) and other “substances” for everybody. So it came that we were all pretty fed and tired before we were to play, but naturally we collected our resources and got up on stage. Unfortunately we were pretty far away from the audience, which definitely isn’t as cool as playing in the middle of the people, but that’s how it was and we still had fun playing, and apparently the Austrian folks liked it. (“Hirnfick!”) So after having played we continued the orgy till 3 am or something, until we were brought to the HOTEL we were to sleep at, and even had free breakfast the next day. Felt pretty much like being big rockstars, which no doubt has its cool sides, but there’s nothing that can compete with the charm of sleeping on nice people’s floors or even in our van (which has served us for 10,000 km by now!). The cool thing about all that is that the Austrian government pays quite a lot of money to support that art&music festival, but I guess they don’t know what kind of bands they’re giving their money for :) 

visuals: flyer

theshow: Santander/Spain, some Communist bar, Tuesday August 21 2001

theplayers: Tidal, Kids Go Free + 1 I forgot

the audience: 40

notes: Everybody said we’d have to drive about 8 hours. Well, 8 hours, we thought, nichts leichter als das! Unfortunately our map didn’t show us the 1600 m high mountains we were suddenly driving over. Hmmm, dozens of cows on the small mountain tracks, looking at us like… cows?! Then, after we had left the mountains behind us we got in a traffic jam, so we finally arrived in Santander in a communist bar when the first band was already playing, at about 10 pm instead of 5 pm as was planned. 18 hours on the road, but anyway, this was our last show on the tour, so we took all our energy of the next few days in advance and tried to kick some ass! The audience was pretty young, but fucking hot! We played for less than 20 minutes, then the cops came and shut down the show. Just when we were right in the middle of our last show. But it was the perfect last show. Sweaty as usual and it was fun! We slept in some kids’ rented Playstation room in Torrrrrelavega where we accidently got locked up, and someone had to piss and there was no fucking toilet, only water bottles…

theshow: Pontevedra/Spain, some bar, Monday August 20 2001

theplayers: Tidal

theplayahaters: 60

notes: Sadly, we had to leave Lisboa and Portugal the day after a night of philosophizing and Absinto, though we wished we could stay there forever. But the tour had to be done, and it was Day 14, so we drove all the way to the northwest of Spain to Pontevedra, obviously somewhat of the cocaine capital of Spain, where we once again played in some bar. We were late as usual, and about this show probably everything you could imagine went wrong. We again played with Handplant, this time first because their drummer had to work long that day. First my amp sounded like shit. Then my cable broke. Then my footswitch broke. Then my strings broke. Then Paddy broke a string… it was all so fucked up, but somehow it was a great show! It was crazy, the floor was wet so we almost fell down all the time but the kids were so cool once again that they made this show turn out good. Thumbs up for the kids :). After the show we drove around for 2 hours to find our sleeping place, but the guy who did the show forgot where it was, so we decided not to sleep but drive to the next show.

visuals: flyer

theshow: Lisboa/Portugal, some squat, Sunday August 19 2001

theplayers: Tidal, Day of the Dead, Positive Energy

the audience: 30

notes: Portugal is nothing short of awesome. Even Lisboa, this big city, didn’t seem like a big city at all. It was prety quiet and almost as easy-going as the rest we saw of this country which is the second poorest of the European Union. Somehow people are a lot less hectic and stressed in “poor” countries than in rich countries like Germany. I’d prefer living in Portugal to here. we played in a great squat in the middle of Lisboa, and the show was just so great. Positive Energy and Day of the Dead also played, and both were great. When we wanted to play, we realized that Boris and Paddy were missing, so we started a big search action. The kids had to wait for more than an hour, but when we finally found our two runaways lost in conversation and thoughts in some Café, everybody was still at the squat. We started playing, and everybody was standing close to us and there was this feeling in the air… really hard to describe. People were smiling at us, they listened to what we said, they danced… Definitely one of our most heartfelt shows, this one gave us so much back of what we all put into this band. It was just the way it should be, the band and the “audience” as equal parts who both greatly benefitted from each other. I would go so far as to call this show historical for us.

visuals: flyer

theshow: Loulé/Portugal, some bar, Saturday August 18 2001

theplayers: Tidal, Day of the Dead

theplayahaters: 80

notes: Not far away from another big tourist spot, Faro. But somehow we could avoid this city and all the German and English big-belly white-skinned tourists. The Portugese folks were great, Ricardo from Day of the Dead, the other band that was to play that night, fetched us, served us great food and let us sleep in his grandmother’s beds. We once again played in a bar, there were at least 80 people, including three friends of ours from Germany who were also traveling through this area at the time, which was really cool. Day of the Dead were a cool band, besides being a bunch of really cool people. They play melodic fast HC, a bit like As Friends Rust or Lifetime but with a singer screaming and rasping, reminding of the Unbroken singer. Check them out when they tour Europe someday! We also had lots of fun that night, the stage sound was really good, and people seemed to like us. And of course we liked them. The Portugese kids seemed really open and not as reserved as in other countries, many just came to us after the show and talked to us which felt great.

theshow: Conil de la Frontera/Spain, some tent by the sea, Friday August 17 2001

theplayers: Tidal, 3 more punk bands whose names I forgot (sorry!)

theplayahaters: 180-200

notes: One more tourist place, lots of red-skinned Brits everywhere. We played a few meters away from the sea in some huge tent with a 2 meter rockstar stage and artificial fog, which made us wanna pose like Bon Jovi ’85. There were some more or less local punk bands whose names I forgot, I just remember one band who had male/female vocals which sounded cool. There were 200 kids and this felt really strange because of the high stage but everybody was dancing and having fun. After the show there was a jam session the way it should be, with everybody joining, bongo drums, all instruments and many people involved, and all this at about 5 am. We slept in El Puerto de Santa Maria in a traditional anarchist syndicate’s house which has been existing for as long as since the Spanish civil war, and not far away from the local fucking bullfighters arena.

theshow: Úbeda/Spain, la Teteria, Wednesday August 15 2001

theplayers: Tidal

theplayahaters: 50

notes: This was to be our one and only show in the beautiful interior of Spain in a small village with no fucking tourist (except us ;)). It was so cool to hang out in a cool backyard and enjoy the silence and hospitality of the people. This is the real Spain I guess, and this one is awesome. People sitting on the streets in font of those white flat houses and everybody smoking hash from morning to night. The show was in the basement of a Teestube, LA TETERIA, once again we played as the only band, and lots of curious folks came to see us and were probably a bit confused by these noisy Kartoffels. It was fun, and drinking exotic teas after the show is a good thing to do.

visuals: flyer

theshow: Alicante/Spain, Stereo Club, Tuesday August 14 2001

theplayers: Tidal, Handplant

theplayahaters: 40

notes: Show with Thrash-punkers HANDPLANT from Spain. The fourty people were kind of cross-armed first but in the end they started to melt and finally they were dancing which made us feel good. After the show we extensively partied outside which made Jordi who did the show become a little mad (sorry hermano) and the neighbors throw water at us from their windows, but it was a cool hot night.

visuals: pic setlist

theshow: Lanaster/France, Yann’s Garden, Thursday August 9 2001

theplayers: Tidal, The Flying Worker

theplayahaters: 10

notes: Again we drove 10 hours or something till we got to LANASTER near Lorient near Rennes. North Sea to Atlantic Ocean, the second Ocean we saw on the tour. Yann had arranged for us to play in his parents’ house’s garden for a barbecue party that wasn’t really barbecue because we couldn’t get the fire going decently. Yann’s band, THE FLYING WORKER (all out Orchid) played first to the 10 people present. Playing in a garden under some nice trees was a fun experience, and this was our first open air show. In the neighbor’s garden there was a 15-year-old kids’ party (boom boom boom boom I want you in my room…) with which we had a heavy water fight. Later that night we went to Lorient to see some strange Celtic festival with kilt wearing men, huge halls with hundreds of people dancing like fools and moustache cops.

visuals: flyer

theshow: Dunkerque/France, Local 7, Tuesday August 7 2001

theplayers: Tidal

theplayahaters: 30

notes: A few days before we finally bought a vehicle, a proud 19-year-old Mercedes Benz 207D for the price of 1500 DM. We worked all day to get the thing ready for those 3 and a half weeks of hardship our colectivo was to go through. After twelve hours of driving and a decent breakdown which had us shoving the van over and over again we reached Dunkerque, France (actually almost England) the next morning and got a new generator for 1300 FF.
The show was set up in a small basement, there was hardly space for 30 people. Tidal was the only band of the night. Of what a fucking night! I was strongly reminded of that crazy Sisak show in Croatia. The kids went nuts, sweat was pouring from the walls of this 2 meters high room, and even a power failure and a sick puking singer couldn’t stop us from playing one of our longest sets so far. Everything was well organized, they never went out of French can beer, and when we got to our sleeping place out on the countryside at 2 am we were served some delicious warm soup.

theshow: Nuertingen/Germany, Club Kuckucksei, Hardcore Not Music Fest 2, Friday June 29 2001

theplayers: Tidal, Flamingo Massacres, Kitty Empire, 10 Volt Shock, Costa’s Cake House, Man Vs. Humanity

theplayahaters: 30-150

notes: I think right now we should be the undisputed record holders in Nuertingen, having played there no less than 5 times. This time we had to play last, which meant 2 a.m. and a long night for us tired guys. No let downs that night, all bands did a good job. Especially Kitty Empire once again were playing an awesome show, sad that they seem to be almost ignored by the masses. We were very tired when we started playing, so were the 30 people that were still there (which surprised me, since they must have stayed that long because of us… I thought 16 would be good…), but this turned out to be a great show, great fun, everything cool. Just tired as hell. We’re looking forward to the next 5 times playing there…

theshow: Munich/Germany, Kafe Kult, Saturday June 9 2001

theplayers: Tidal

theplayahaters: 12?

premiere 8: First show with only Tidal playing

notes: Unfortunately our dear friends of Acabah Rot had to cancel the show due to the singer being a wimp ;). So this would be the first nice Tidal show with no other band playing. We were served good German food, vegan Kartoffelbrei, vegan Schnitzel etc., we were finally back home and didn’t have to eat any more beans! Th show was great fun, even though there were very few people watching us, it was just a great easy atmosphere and those few people rocked with us. Borsi at one point accidentally smashed his head against Paddy’s bass so he was bleeding which looked very Hatebreedish. You know what I mean. A perfect last show for this tour. We drove home the same night, just reaching a gas station with the very last drop of gasoline in our car, we were very lucky we didn’t have to walk. The next day Fabo and me, Chris went to see AC/DC on the Hockenheimring which was also awesome, just in case anybody cares…

visuals: flyer

theshow: Ljutomer/Slovenia, Outdoors in a Beerzelt, Friday June 8 2001

theplayers: Tidal, Senata Fox and a LOT of really stupid dumbfuck bands.

theplayahaters: 100?

premiere 7: First show with Nazi bands

notes: Well, well, we didn’t know what was expecting us, we just knew we would be playing a festival with Senata Fox and we would be the headliner. This festival turned out to be a real meathead heavy metal drunk dumbass festival, with really bad bands, such as Bad Blood, who put up a banner with fascist symbols (that skinhead cross thing), or some Italian Metallica-style hairpig band who were dumb enough as to do the Hitlergruss from stage. We were pretty powerless, and nobody in the audience seemed to care (they were all drunk), and nobody really knew if these bands were serious or just dumb. We kicked off our set with “Fuck Nazi sympathy” (a.k.a. we are out of step) and had a good show anyway, our little Zagreb fanclub supportung us. After show we spontaneously decided to drive home at once instead of sleeping there, so we did, passing a Slovenian-Austrian border bridge with the Austrian border dude staring at us like we were aliens. A few hours later we arrived in Munich, where we went to a friends apartment and sieged his bedroom, trying to catch up with our sleep deficit. On the Autobahn to Munich suddenly the Yage guys appeared behind us and we had a banana vs. tomato throwing fight at 100 km per hour.

theshow: Ajdovscina/Slovenia, Klub Jutro, Thursday June 7 2001

theplayers: Tidal, Jason, Senata Fox

theplayahaters: 20

premiere 6: First show in Slovenia

notes: Beans dam dam… all we really want is beans… once again we were served the most delicious bean stew we had ever had. The venue resembled of a Ballet dancing rehersal room. Not too many people showed up, but we were kinda used to that. Equally we were used to Senata Fox ripping things apart in 15 minutes. Jason, a band from Brazil playing their 57th show in Europe, were really enjoyable. They played a weird mixture of basic old school thrashy Hardcore and a little Brazilian guy who screamed and roared his guts out, resembling of Mike Patton in Fantomas. He jumped up and down like a little wild Gremlin. Then it was finally Tidal time once again, and in my humble opinion we had the best sound we ever had on that tour, if not at all. I broke two strings that show, which sucked alot, but what sucked even more was the horrible 80s music Senata listened to on all the way back to Zagreb, and we could do nothing but suffer, worse than a nightmare. And it’s not that they listen to “Love is a battlefield” because that’s trendy or funny, no, because they actually like it!!!

visuals: pic1

theshow: Pula/Croatia, Club Monte Paradiso, Wednesday June 6 2001

theplayers: Senata Fox, Tidal

theplayahaters: 15

premiere 5: First show without vocalist

notes: Due to some seriously sore throat, Boris decided he wouldn’t sing that night. Well, we didn’t want to cancel the show, besides we really wanted to play, so we decided we’d just try and give our best and share the singing parts between the rest of the band. The place was a fashionable punk club in a squatted former military building. The show was rather like a rehersal but it was fun anyway (what else did you expect…). After the show we had a great time playing hypnotizing Krishna whatever tunes using any available tool, bottles, a Tambourine, a coatrack etc. The next day we went swimming in the awfully cold but beautifully blue Croatian Adria after eating 40 cm wide Pizzas which cost the equivalent of 8 German Mark.

visuals: pic

theshow: Sisak/Croatia, Tuesday June 5 2001

theplayers: Tidal, Senata Fox, some Death Metal band

theplayahaters: 25

premiere 4: First show in that particular club.

notes: I can only repeat: Croatia has got a bunch of awesome bands. No exception that evening. The first band fucked shit up with their Death/Black Metal destruction. Senata took no prisoners and ripped things equally apart in 15 minutes, watch out so-called power violence bands here is some hot shit boiling. This show proved that playing on the floor is very likely the best way to perform. This was to be one of our craziest shows so far, not mainly because of us but due to the fact that there were about 25 totally drunk kids that didn’t have anything to do with Hardcore but just wanted to have some fun and party the night. 25 kids going mad, screaming into Borsi’s microphone, crashing into the drumset and the speakers, getting their long stuck in Paddy’s bass and giving us strange alcoholic drinks. There were gallons of beer that night, I don’t think they ran out of beer at any time, well, unfortunately beer was all we got for “catering”. But that was the only let down of that night, we’ll never forget those crazy Sisak kids… Sisak rocks!

theshow: Gornji Kursanec/Croatia, Ex-Club, June 4 2001

theplayers: Shelter, Tidal, One Step Away

theplayahaters: 200 – 300

premiere 3: First show in a discotheque

notes: We spontaneously got into playing this show because we were supposed to have day off and the same day someone found out that there would be this Shelter show in some discotheque, and we somehow managed to play there as well. The audience was in a great mood, our show was attended by more than 200 kids. The first band, 3 16-year-old kids, played some NOFX-melodycore stuff which actually to my surprise (I don’t like NOFX) they did very well, proving once again that Croatia has a LOT of good bands to offer (which sadly nobody cares about outside of this country). We decided not to play on the one-meter-rockstar-stage so we got on the dancefloor, with the light of the stroboscope pointing at us, just like a dream coming true (no, not because of Shelter). The people reacted way more enthusiastically than the day before, there also were a few who had seen the show the day before and therefore knew us a little already. The show was great fun, in the end they even took Boris and carried him above their heads. Finally the refreshing easiness I had hoped for, the attitude you seldom see at shows in Germany (prove me wrong!) The people seemed to have as much fun as we did, we even sold a few CDs in advance, one even to Australia. The catering was mad: Soy Yoghurts, fresh fruit and vegetables, vegan stew, some other dish, fruit juices, whatever a Krishna veganatic kid could ask for. (Well I guess someone DID ask for all that shit…) But actually Shelter were really (seriously!) nice guys, no rockstar attitudes or something, except for the Swedish(?) tour manager, who was one cokehead asshole. We got no money, Shelter got 2000 DM. After Fabo talked to him, Ray tried to convince the guy to give us some money, but the tour manager said no. So Ray gave us 5(!) US$ and 4(!)DM from his own pocket money, what you say ’bout this? Anyway, this show is in the TIDAL top 5 show list.

visuals: setlist pic

theshow: Zagreb/Croatia, Attack!, June 3 2001

theplayers: Tidal, Amok, Lasting Values

theplayahaters: 20 – 30

premiere 2: first show outside of Germany

notes: The day had started with the sun laughing at us and playing soccer on the field close to Davor’s house and getting yelled at by an old Croatian guy who said we scream like wild animals in the jungle or something. Unfortunately the wheather turned really bad, the heavy rains apparently preventing more than those few people from coming to the show. The first band played some good old school stuff with screamed vocals and a Battery cover song. Amok were really great, playing some black metal influenced doomy HC with high pitched vocals that made us rock. Our first basement show was cool, only 20 kids but all of them standing in the front of the room, very unlike some shows in Germany…

visuals: setlist

theshow: Oehringen, JuZ Fiasko, June 1 2001

theplayers: Yage, Tidal, Acabah Rot.

theplayahaters: 40

premiere 1: first show with Patric’ on bass and christidal on guitar.

notes: We were excited as fuck, not having played for 4 and a half months. The “new” line-up worked really well, we fucking enjoyed playing, but what else could you expect after 10 weeks of listening to our new material every day! Acabah Rot did a decent job playing their first show in the region. Their music is post-hc rock that is sometimes a hard time to get into, but when wou’re in iot, it rocks for sure! Keep an eye on these guys! What is always interesting is to count the number of people in the beginning resp. the end of the show, here it looked like some people got tired, with 40 in the beginning and maybe 15 in the end, anyway, it was an awesome night. Yage, almost redundant to say, rocked the last beads of sweat out of the few people left. — June 2 meant a 10 hour drive south east in a totally full-packed Toyota, including Paddy burning some rubber at the Slovenian border (not on purpose, of course). Shortly before Zagreb, Davor from Senata Fox welcomed us with our tour bus in spe, a nice VW Transporter. He took us to an outdoor festival on a hill near Zagreb where we got food and drinks for free due to Vivanka who was working on that festival, even though we didn’t play there… read on!

visuals: pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4

theshow: the last TIDAL show until summer: Southside Rebuilding Festival, Herrenberg, Jugendhaus, Freitag, 12. Januar 2001

theplayers: Tidal, Fearmythoughts, Blindspot A.D. + 7(?) more

theplayahaters: 400+

notes: Wir hatten uns einiges vorgenommen. Als wir ankamen, spielte schon die zweite Band, alles war rigoros organisiert und wer zu spät anfing durfte dann halt nur zwei Songs spielen. Wir hatten das Glück, als vorletzte zu spielen, aber uns war von vornherein klar, dass wir nicht eher von der Bühne gehen würden bis wir fertig waren. Das “Vorprogramm” *g*: Erwähnenswert waren Blindspot AD, die schon um acht mit gepflegtem Powerviolence sich zu empfehlen wussten. Wenn der Sänger seine Haare abschneidet und etwas abnimmt steht diesen Jungs eine glänzende Zukunft bevor! Wer dann kam ist mir leider entfallen, an Fearmythoughts kann ich mich erinnern, deren crazy Emo-“MetalMosch” (eigentlich -für mich- durch dieses Festival zum Schimpfwort verkommen, nachdem am Samstag ca. 8 Bands hintereinander etwa die gleiche Musik vom Stapel gelassen hatten) ebenfalls sehr zu überzeugen wusste. Danach waren glaub ich Silent Green dran die auch so Emomosh machten und den Herrenberger Hexenkessel so langsam zum sieden brachten. Wie gesagt, wir hatten ein paar kleine Gimmicks vorbereitet um nicht so ganz “normal” von der Bühne zu gehen wie alle anderen. Ein halb-professioneller Feuerspucker und leicht entzündliches Bärlapp-Pulver aus der Apotheke kofigurierten (und ich studier noch nicht mal!) die Pyro-Show, irgendwann standen wir alle nur noch in unseren Schiesser-Unterbuxen mit Eingriff da, während das Publikum sich im Ausdruckstanz übte oder irgendwer versuchte mir an die Eier sprich Unterhose zu gehen. Exzessiv war das ganze und hat der Tübinger Show noch einen draufgesetzt und uns endgültig als Stadionrockband enttarnt. Ein würdiger (Kurzzeit-)Abschied. Wir waren sehr zufrieden.

visuals: pic

theshow: Tübingen, Epplehaus, Mittwoch, 10. Januar 2001

theplayers: Tidal, AK47, La Kurtizana, Ein Theatergrüppchen

theplayahaters: 120 +

notes: Vor der Show waren Fabo und ich zu einer der Radiosendung des Epplehauses eingeladen worden um Werbung für das Konzert zu machen. Robert, Epple-Boss und Moderator hatte sichtlich Probleme, uns zum Schweigen zu bringen während dieser Stunde… Die Linsen mit (Hartweizengriess-)Spätzle waren selbstverständlich sehr prima (wie könnts auch anders sein?) und HA! eh man sich’s versah spielte auch das Theatergrüppchen, das sich aus Mitgliedern der ersten Band zusammensetzte. Das fing so an, dass die am Anfang wie Affen rumgehüpft sind und gegrunzt haben, was manche ziemlich lustig fanden, und endete mit einem Gemetzel mit Publikumsbeteiligung. Interessant und das ganze hat denke ich die Stimmung aufgelockert, was La Kurtizana, der ersten Band, angekündigt als Crust und in echt eher so Monster X in langsam, zugute kam. selten ein so aufgeschlossenes Publikum gegenüber einer kroatischen(!) Frauenband(!! oder ?) erlebt, lag vielleicht aber auch einfachh daran, dass das kein normales Hardcorepublikum war. AK47 brauchten einen Übersetzer, Sergej, um ihre Ansichten zur Revolution kundzutun, und haben auch gut Arsch getreten mit ihrem HC-Crustenpunk. Und nun: zu unserer Show! Der Sound war gut, das Publikum hat getanzt, alles hat gestimmt könnte man sagen, vielleicht war das unser bester Gig ever. Wer konnte wissen, ob wir das zwei Tage später in Herrenberg noch toppen können würden… Das Publikum konnte sich jedenfalls angesichts viel nackter Haut und uneingeschränkt guter Bands nicht beschweren, denke ich. Wir werden in der Tat immer besser. Kommt Hochmut vor dem Fall? Fortsetzung folgt.

visuals: flyer pic1 pic2

theshow: Nürtingen, Club Kuckucksei, Freitag, 5. Januar 2001

theplayers: Static 84, Kitty Empire, Tidal, Paranoia Keeps Crawling

theplayahaters: 50?

notes: Zum vierten Mal in Nürtingen, das bedeutet ungeschlagener Tidal-Show-Rekord! Respekt an die ‘Eier-Crew, wir verzeihen ihr dafür auch, dass sie uns in ihrem Programmheftchen “Rottenburger Diözesan-Psychos” genannt hat. Komisch, weil vor diesem Abend ich uns eigentlich nie als “Psychos” empfunden habe. Aber es sollte alles anders als erwartet kommen. Paranoia Keeps Krabbeln, kurzfristig dazugesprungen, traten derbe Arsch mit ihrem sludgy crust-monster-irgendwas, richtig geil. Wir haben zu Anfang unseres Sets erstmal eine ca. 10 Minuten lange Gitarrenstimmsession hingelegt, von der irgendwann alle zu glauben schienen, das gehöre zur Show. tat es aber nicht. Genausowenig wie das Slayer-Cover, das wir danach gleich spielten. Nun ja, wir ist gut… Fabo und el Julo Grande. Und wir mussten mitmachen. Das gesamte Konzert lief sehr chaotisch ab, keine Setlist, kein Plan… und ich sah uns in einer eigenartigen neuen Rolle, was immer das heissen mag. Die Zuschauer schienen uns nicht richtig zu verstehen, nicht sicher zu sein, ob wir das, was wir da machen, ernst meinen oder nicht, und das war auf seine bizarre Art&Weise wiederum ziemlich frisch, neu und daher cool. Interessant. Boris hat sehr falsch gesungen manchmal. Nur nebenbei, nicht dass jemand glaubt, wir wüssten das nicht. Kitty Emopire fast noch besser als auf der (eh schon geilen) Platte, nice guys, und Static Empire äh 84 rockten auch, nur waren vier Bands hier vielleciht mal wieder für die armen überstrapazierten Zuhörer zuviel? Jedenfalls waren alle Bands rockig-gut, und das ist schon was besonderes.

theshow: Öhringen, JuZ Fiasko, Samstag, 2. Dezember 2000

theplayers: Bobby Peru, 6th Avenue, Deadlock, Tupamaros, Treu to Life, Tidal, “!”

theplayahaters: 60?

notes: 3 Monate nach unserer letzten Show und die einzige Show von vieren seitdem, die nicht ausgefallen ist. Von vornherein war klar: Diese Show muss Kompensation sein für die 3 dummerweise ausgefallenen. Das war sie dann auch, nachdem wir um 21 Uhr oder so mal endlich angefangen hatten als zweite von 7 Bands (kann nur in die Hose gehen sowas…) Jedenfalls hat es mal wieder wahnsinnigSpass gemacht, wie sollte es auch anders sein, wenn man sich 8 Wochen lang bei fucking DaimlerChrüsler schinden lässt und sowas der einzige Lichtblick ist. Die Mischung aus alten und neuen Songs (3:5) hat gut geklappt, und das neue Zeugs ist denke ich ganz gut angekommen. Jetzt, Sonntag morgen, 12 Uhr tut mir mal wieder alles weh (vor allem mein Mosh-Genick) und das ist so geil! Unsere Patronen von Incendschöry Recs. waren sogar am Start und haben uns mit Papierschnipseln beworfen damit wir auf dem glatten Boden ausrutschen ;). Während wir gespielt haben, gabs wohl mal wieder Streit zwischen den Bands, wer wann spielt, und ich bin heilfroh, dass uns das erspart blieb. Das ist jedesmal so sinnlos, dass man es gleich lassen kann. Die anderen Bands: I haben es Strife-mässig krachen lassen, True To Life haben u.a. Noooooodle von Abhinanda rausgefeuert, Tupamaros haben so sauber und fett gespielt, dass man es gleich auf Platte hätte machen können (sauguter Drummer…). Dreadlock haben mit einer Gitarre und ohne Bass so einen Druck gehabt, dass man mit drei Saiteninstrumenten richtige Komplexe kriegt. Die Hessen(?) 6th Avenue waren auch echt gut, obwohl bei denen der Saal schon recht leer war, weil alle heim wollten, wie wir auch, weil Pat sich am Sonntag mit seinen Anthroposophen rumschlagen musste. Auf der Rückfahrt übrigens musste einer, der bei uns im Auto saß, so wahsinnig kacken (“das ist kein Spass”), dass wir extra rechts rangefahren sind, damit er sein Häufchen machen konnte. :))) Gelungener Abend!
[on a side note: I guess these days are somthing like a peak in our history]

theshow: Schweinfurt, Alter Stattbahnhof, Freitag, 15.September 2000

theplayers: Sunshine, Tidal, the Flamingo Massacres, Goetz George, Fetz Braun

thesetlist: Close Enough, We Are Out of Step, [The Dream is Dead,] Sterile, [Spiegel,] A Dancer’s Smile, Kälte, elcol., Moment

theplayahaters: 20?

notes: hey da sind wir aber schön im Stau gestanden und haben uns Battles mit nem Glatzenpeter-Arschloch in einem Kleinwagen mit Pit Bull- und Crematory-Aufkleber gegeben. Und Bier gesoffen. Die Show fing aufgrund der wenigen Bands die spielen sollten um 22.30 oder so an (korrigieren sie mich), und keine Band war schlecht kann man sagen. Die Götzen-Boys waren viel besser als das letzte mal als sie an der gleichen Stelle gespielt haben. Vielleicht das nächste Mal dort noch besser?! Die Flamingo Massacres waren sehr cool, und nicht nur weil sie Mädchen waren sondern weil die Musik gut war. Wir hatten sehr schlechten Sound, was uns mehr zu schaffen machte als man sich das im Voraus denkt. Aber die neuen Songs kamen denk ich ganz gut an. LEider mussten wir wegen des Zeitmagels unsere Setlist kürzen (s.o.). Sunshine waren mir dann etwas zu stressig, und es war ja auch schon halb drei. Auf der Heimfahrt sind wir dann alle eingeschlafen und auf einem Rastplatz bis halb sieben geblieben oder so. Dann habe ich Wagemutiger das Steuer übernommen und uns sicher in 1,5 Stunden heimgebracht. Wir haben Miese gemacht aber wir hams ja! ;)

theshow: Hardcore Not Music Festival, Nuertingen, Club Kuckucksei, Freitag 7. Juli 2000

theplayers: Tagtraum, Bobby aus Peru, Tidal, Absidio


notes: etwas zu spät angekommen, Absidia mussten für uns den Opener übernehmen (tut uns echt leid Jungs!), endlich hatten wir mal Platten dabei vonb denen einige an dem Wochenende verkauft werden sollten (wieviel ist geheim!) es war auf der Bühne recht heiss, weshalb wir uns unserer Leibchen entledigen mussten, auch sah man wegen der Spotlights kaum Publikum (aber es waren schon welche da!) trotzdem, die Show hat verdammt Spass gemacht, es macht in letzter Zeit immer mehr Spass, es wird erfüllender von Mal zu Mal. Hoffentlich bleibt uns das noch sehr lange erhalten! Ein schöner Tag, aber der Tag darauf hat das fast noch getoppt, da wir die Jungs von Yage kennenlernten und uns mit diesen auf Anhieb super verstanden (nein, wirklich , nicht wie man nur so sagt, es war echt krass, zu erleben wie man sich mit anderen fremden Menschen auf einer Wellenlänge befindet… mir fehlen einfach die Worte). Ein grossartiges, sehr erfüllendes Wochenende, von dem man sich viel mehr wünscht… (auch wenn das jetzt nicht so viel mit unserer Show zu tun hatte…)

visuals: setlist pic1 pic2 pic3

theshow: Duisburg, JuZ Ottostr., Samstag 17. Juni 2000

theplayers: “Tidal record release show”, Deadbolt, A Neverending Summer, Point Break

theplayahaters: Ruhrpott Asibratzen

notes: Zu dem Zeitpunkt als wir ankamen waren wir recht schlecht gelaunt, da unser Label-Boss Stefan uns mitgeteilt hatte, dass die Platten irgendwie doch nicht eingetroffen wären. Naja, er hat uns nur verarscht also hab ich gleich mal vor Freude ein Skateboard an den Kopf gekriegt. Bei Point Break war es noch fast ganz leer (was sich auch im Laufe des Abends nicht ändern sollte, da blöderweise am selben Tag in Solingen die Heartchortage mit Acheborn, Chispa, Robocop Kraus usw. + Deutschland-England waren), die spielten ihren Charles-Bronson-Style-Old School HC/Poserviolence ganz ordentlich, doch, war gut! A.N.S. mit zwei Sängern (hat da jemand Poison The Well gesagt?) und leicht abgedrehtem Metal auch nicht schlecht, Deadolt aus Holland, wegen denen wir übrigens keine Benzinkohle bekamen, konnte ich gar nicht so richtig einordnen, irgendwie komischer Belgienmetal mit Uranus(!)-Gitarren und Gesang (?!)… Bei uns waren ca. 20-30 Leute da aber das Schlagzeug stand mitten im Raum, wir drum herum, hinter us ein roter Vorhang :) und mir hats mal wieder richtig gut Spass gemacht gab sogar nen kleinen Pit – die Ruhrpott-Asis (Asi heisst auch der Psycho-Hund von Ramonas Oma) können schon Pachty machen (im Gegensatz zu den Kölnern ;) ) … in 4,5 Stunden zurück… TIDAL haben halt speed und gleich ein paar schöne Platten im Gepäck.

visuals: pic1 pic2 pic3

theshow: Nuertingen, Kuckucksei, Samstag 22. April 2000

theplayers: Kurt, Tidal, Bobby Peru

theplayahaters: a fuckin’ crowd!

notes: Nach einigen überflüssigen Streitigkeiten über die Bandreihenfolge des Abends und nach lecker Spaghetti kickten Bobby Peru die Show um viertel nach zehn vor fast vollem Haus los und rockten ihren Softporno-Deutschrock (besser?) mit neuen Songs, die die 7″ meiner bescheidenen Meinung nach um einiges übertreffen. Tidal kamen trotz schlechtem Sound scheint’s ganz gut an, ich hab davon nicht ganz soviel mitbekommen, nur nach der Show hat mir alles wehgetan. Kurt haben alle Erwartungen übertroffen, sowohl die der Zuschauermenge als auch die der Showlänge. Etwas überflüssig vielleicht das Moog und die Noise-Elektronik-Gehversuche, aber dennoch dermassen fett (mir fällt gerade kein besseres Wort ein), dass das Publikum so laut gejubelt hat wie ich es noch nie bei einer deutschen Band gesehen habe. Sehr gut zu wissen, dass es in diesem Bereich (deutscher sophisticated “Emo”-HC oder so) noch Bands gibt, die es mal richtig krachen lassen und nicht nur blöd rumnudeln. Und so voll hab ich das ‘Ei noch nie gesehen. 

visuals: flyer

theshow: Tübingen, Epplehaus, 12 April 2000

theplayers: Milemarker, Tidal

theplayahaters: easily 100 young girls and boys

notes: Endlich… eine neue Dosis dieser Droge: Vor vollem Haus sollte gerockt werden. Wir taten unser bestes, I guess. Kam wohl  auch ganz gut an, auch wenn der Mischer etwas schlecht gelaunt war. Dafür war das Essen lecker. Und Milemarker supersympathisch! Überrascht war ich als mich der Sänger/Bassist in perfektem Deutsch anredete bekommt man ja nicht allzu oft mit von den elitären Weltmachtlern… Sehr nettes Mädchen, diese Roby übrigens… aber zur Show: tat ganz gut mal wieder zu spielen etwas komisch weil man sehr viele der anwesenden Leute persönlich kannte, ein Heimspiel sozusagen… Ein ganz neues Lied hatten wir unseren Freunden und Innen mitgebracht, ein Lied das die Massen nicht kaltlassen konnte :-) dann Milemarker: schlichtweg genial! Gott so geil unbeschreiblich! Auch auf der Bühne total sympathisch (eingehende Gespräche auf deutsch mit dem Publikum, sogar mit dem Epplehaus-obligatorischen besoffenen Siffpunk, der später unseren Sänger Boris “kommerziell” nannte, gab es fast nach jedem Song, und gerrrrockt haben die wie Sau. Gingen auch mehr ab als auf der neuen Platte (die ich dennoch jedem hier ans Herz legen kann). Hat sich gelohnt. Und shoutouts an die Epple-Crew, die bei jedem Konzert, egal welche Band spielt, 4,- Eintritt verlangt. We want more people like you!

the show: Ofterdingen, Stilfabrik, Mar 11 2000

the players: Brother’s Juice, ~, Mod Style Crew, Silent *G*

the setlist: close enough, parasite, sterile, , , , 66.6 seconds, untitled no.59, not real + rather be dead

notes: Brrrrp, Aaaalso ich schreib das jetzt in doitsch, liest ja eh kein Sack also muss ich mir auch keinen abbrechen hier. Silent Green… ex-Rebound, weiss eh jeder südlich von hmmm Stuttgart-Süd, die könne Arsch treten! Feines NewSchool meets Emo Ding oder so, ihr wisst was ich meine… Mob Style Crew – entgegen der Erwartungen nicht mit schicken 60s-Frisuren (hihi!) sondern mit Unterhemden, aber dennoch nicht schlecht (bis auf die komische besoffene Armyhosen-Tussi aus deren Fangemeinde [?], ein sehr gewaltbereites Fräulein und sehr leicht reizbar) und nette Typen auf jeden Fall, haben meinen Bass mitgenommen aus Versehen und nen anderen dagelassen aber mir dann gleich drei tage drauf mir meinen richtigen gebracht… Hey! Hör ich da jemanden schnarchen? Unsere Show war auch ganz fein wenn Sie mich fragen, keine Saitenrisse!!! aber aua am Handgelenk was niemand versteht :-(, 3 freaks die richtig scary abgingen und Rawpack! zitiert bei anwesender BDC (der es gar gefallen hat, mal so ganz nebenbei). Well, ich war krank und deshalb etwas schlapp aber es ging noch so eben. Mir war schlecht danach. Die Brotherrenjustiz wird ja immer fetter. (Darf man das als Emo-Lutscher sagen?) Schöner Mix aus Metal und, äh, Hardcore mit Erdkrisenstimme und gut Druck (hab ich da nicht sogar ein Unbroken-Riff gehört? korrigieren sie mich…). Phil Juice war der festen Überzeugung, dass wir harte Drogen nehmen. Kommt noch, kommt noch, du GEILE Sau.

visuals: setlist

the show: Schanbach, JuHa, Dec 28 1999

the players: ~,Cuntless, some grunting metal guys +Southside Allstars

the setlist: My Journey, Sterile, New Mafia, The Dream Is Dead, Parasite, Media In Vita, Close Enough, Not Real + Boring News, 1000 tortures

notes: This was a real funny and refreshing show. Being the night’s headliner, we prepared ourselves well for the show i.e. we tuned each and every one of our 23 guitars. There was no P.A., just some amps… The sound was cool though. But first C(o)untless, their new songs are heavy smashers that are worth being put on wax. These guys know how to play their guitars even though everything was wet of snow… We had great fun playing, and for the last song I took the mic and Boris played bass… doing “the worm thing” rules. After the show all of us took part in a spontanious jamming session, playing songs by Slayer, Cro-Mags, Metallica, AC/DC and The Cure. I haven’t had that much fun at a show for a long time. I think we’re ready for touring.


flyer pic1 pic2 pic3

the show: Mössingen, Untere Halde, Dec 27 1999

the players: ~

notes: this show was sort of a good-bye to our rehersal room, located in a hut made of trash(!) on a Müllhalde. The town council of Mössingen forced the owner to close and tear down this hut for the reason of not being enough “fire-proof”. But the actual reason the town shut down this cultural shelter for spoilt youths that don’t know what to do with their time was that they wanted to enlarge the Müllhalde so that they could put more trash containers on it. Whatever, we decided to say good bye to this fine place by playing a show and doing a party. The show was funny, we got rid of our shirts and shoes and did the worm thing on the floor. You should have seen XLarsX trying to sound like King Kong. Yeah, we even played old mindsofconfusion songs… Youth Of Today. For the sake of our past. Thank you. Now we need a new rehersal room.

the show: Geislingen, JuHa Maikäferhäusle, Dec 10 1999

the players: With Love, Bobby Peru, ~, Men At Arms

the setlist: My Journey, Parasite, Not Real, Close Enough, Sterile…, Media In Vita, The Dream Is Dead – I can’t remember it exactly sorry…

notes: we had to deal with severe technical problems which is why a) we couldn’t start off as we wanted but had to wait for almost 15 minutes and b) some parts of the audience were pretty pissed. But when we started to rock, it felt good. Strings always crack, Paddy doesn’t seem to be treating his instrument like a gentleman should… After the show the With Love singer asked Boris whether we were just using a keyboard because it’s fashionable these days. Hmmm, good question I thought, well unfortunately the thing worked about half of the times we needed it. It’s kind of an experimental thing that has to evolve. With Love played a great show, Bobby Peru have got cool new songs that appealed a lot more to me than the songs on their 7″. Geislingen is definitely a good place to play and well worth being attended by you, the audience. And we played way better than a week before if you ask me.

visuals: flyer

the show: Friedrichshafen, Nimmerland, Dec 3 1999

the players: Elision, ~

notes: well, I personally was not really satisfied with our show, the sound sucked. we tried to include some synthie gimmicks but it didn’t work out as i’d expected it… nothing more to say. elision rocked hard. phat. hehe. and the breakfast was so fuckin good… vegan shit rocks your Darm. Nigga Manu and Pat and the rest of the Nimmerland croow were really cool folks. keep it up guys and thanks for all the tofu!

the show: ~ recording sessions, Oct 15-17 1999

the players: Chris Hermentin, Julian Breuling, Fabian Schaller, Paddy Hespelt, Boris Mauch, Christian Späth, Oli König.

the setlist: My Journey, Not Real, Close Enough, Parasite, Media In Vita, The Dream Is Dead, New Mafia, Sterile

notes: Saturday Oct 16, 6:50 pm. Fucking tired. We’ve been doing guitars for like 4 hours and still another one or so to go. Fuck. This is gonna be expensive. But it’s worth the efforts. Very satisfied so far. 8 songs, at least all the drum and bass tracks are finished. And most of the guitar tracks as well. Fabe seems to be a perfectionist. Nothing bad about that, hehe… But we’ve already been here for almost 24 hours which has to be enough. But we’ll do anything necessary in order to make a fucking good piece of music.

the show: Schorndorf, Juz Hammerschlag, Sep 23 1999

the players: Snapcase, Nine, ~, Countless

the setlist: boring news, not real, my journey, close enough, intro to one thousand tortures, new mafia, parasite, the dream is dead, sterile

notes: I think I’ve never sweated that much at a show before. After having played sterile, I felt like a 40-ton truck had just been rolling over me for some 30 minutes. But that was exactly what I was missing all the time. I think we hadn’t played any shows in three months or so. So I personally really enjoyed the show. The only thing that gave me the creeps was my fucking strings breaking. Bass change twice. Paddy also had problems with his strings. So we were forced to cope with some 5 minute breaks and that sucked. The rest was pretty cool. The audience was cool though it seemed like some of them didn’t really know what they should think about our music. But that’s ok. Confusion is cool. Actually there were 2 shows that night. First Countless and us and then Nine and Snapcase. Nine, although having produced a great record, didn’t impress me much. Kinda boring. Snapcase rocked of course, I guess that’s what the kids had been waiting for… A good night, a good show. Can’t wait for the next one.

visuals: flyer setlist

the show: the first Tidal show, Stuttgart, Limelight, Monday April 26 1999

the players: Ink and Dagger, Tidal

notes: This was the first show that we played under the name “Tidal”. Even though we had the same (and still existing) lineup since December of 1998, we had played on for some months under the name of our old band, the legendary mindsofconfusion. So we finally found a good new name in springtime 1999, and we decided to play that show as Tidal. Back then we had nothing recorded or released, but I remember we already played most songs that were later to be released on the self-titled 10″. I also remember we had to get each drink at the bar which was kind of silly but the Limelight was sort of a bar and less of a non-profit Hardcore show venue. We had nice conversations with some of the guys in Ink and Dagger, whose singer apparently died of a heroin overdose some months ago (I am writing this in July 2002). I recall asking them if it’s true that they’re the crazy heroin-consumers rumors said the were, and they said that they sure liked drugs but they hadn’t been in touch with heroin. So I guess that must have changed afterwards. Anyway, they were nice guys for sure. There were not many people at the show, maybe 25 or something. The stage was pretty high for such a small club. I think we played the first official Tidal show quite decently, and I really liked Ink & Dagger’s performance even though they were wearing no vampire makeup this time. The guitarist said it was one of their worst shows so the rest must have been even better I guess… to me it was a nice night which concluded one of the first steps of the Tidal experience of which we had no idea at all what it was about to become sometime, and it feels like telling your grandchildren stories of the glory old days as I am writing this more than three years later.