25.12.02 Bietigheim, Germany
23.12.02 Rottenburg, Germany
14.12.02 Tübingen, Germany
16.11.02 Strasbourg, France
12.10.02 Wangen, Germany
30.6.02 Strasbourg, France
29.6.02 Lebach, Germany
16.6.02 Karlsruhe, Germany
25.5.02 Neumuenster, Germany
22.5.02 Essen, Germany
18.5.02 Zittau, Germany
8.5.02 Stuttgart, Germany
8.3.02 Schwyz, Switzerland
7.3.02 Bozen, Italy
4.3.02 Zagreb, Croatia
2.3.02 Vienna, Austria
1.3.02 Prague, Czech Republic
28.2.02 Berlin, Germany

theshow: Bietigheim /Germany, Farbstrasse, December 25 2002

theplayers: Tidal, Elektrolochmann +one terrible metal band

theplayahaters: 50 inside, 400 outside

notes: As if that hadn’t been enough, we played another christmas show, in a small town near Stuttgart, because Elektrolochmann had asked us to, and who can say no to these kind ladies. So that was a very very fun show with lotsa kidding and it was hot as hell. We played a couple of new songs and had fun fun fun. In the end there wwere about 20 people left in the concert room but it still was damn cool.

theshow: Rottenburg/Germany, Bukowski, December 23 2002

theplayers: lots of crazy old farts

theplayahaters: 400

notes: Well, so the show in Tübingen was not the last ine that year as was publicly known. We decided pretty short-handedly to play at the christmas show that takes place every year the day before christmas in our hometown. Some 60 musicians play cover songs of rock stuff there. We decided we have to play to a non-punk audience in order to show them something else and to show ourselves something else than a standard hardcore show. We played Shot Down in Flames by AC/DC and then three of our own songs and I guess it was something else than the other bands that night, so, very fun indeed. The air was bad, there was certainly more alcohol and smoke in the air than oxygen. That gave me a bad headache for the whole christmas days.

theshow: Tübingen/Germany, Epple-Haus, December 14 2002

theplayers: 6000 Crazy, Tidal, Acabah Rot

theplayahaters: 200

notes: Finally we were to come home at last. The first show in Tübingen for I don’t know how long, but really pretty long. For me personally, I was excited as I haven’t been before a show for well, at least that long too. There were some of our parents and a lot of our friends from our homebase. After playing some Tischkicker (and me losing all the time), Acabah Rot played their first show without their singer. Strange thing, but they approved and played a solid show, with both one guitarist and the bass player singing. After them we entered the stage and everything was fit for the perfect show. The place was packed, the kids were willing to move their asses, the sound was good, and we were motivated as we hadn’t been for a long long time. (Right before that day we had a serious talk considering why we are doing this band and what we want to achieve, it was like starting anew and this time going for the highest goals… we were motivated as you might guess.) And the show fucking kicked ass. Really really good. Maybe our best show on German soil this year. Pretty surely was. We played a bunch of new songs and they went well and people could follow us. We played long, really long, and then in the end, as an encore, we played the hit of and old-time hardcore band called mindsofconfusion, the song is called “Fire”, and it’s about 6 years old. that was fun even though most people didn’t know that anymore. They moshed it up nonetheless. Great, great, great. This one was the first step in realizing our new vision. A great vision. But that’s just what we need.

theshow: Strasbourg/France, Molodoi, November 16 2002

theplayers: Elektrolochmann, Tidal, Drey + 2 French bands

theplayahaters: 80. maybe more.

notes: Who would’ve thought we’d go back to Strasbourg that quick! And this time it was even more than the 10 kids that showed up at the last show (which was fun nonetheless!) It was a festival that featured bands from Strasbourg and Stuttgart, two jumilated cities (I didn’t know that). Acabah Rot were supposed to play too, but to our disappointment they couldn’t due to personal problems. Anyway, Drey were awesome, they played first but should’ve played last because they played mostly moody Emo-Math-Rock which was flat out awesome, but I was a little irritated because they were the first band and played for like one hour and a half. Then a unusual thing for punk shows was presented: Some French folks had a pantomimic theater play combined wwith music and juggling, and all was somehow polictically backgrounded. Unusual but nice. In general i found that at the moment we crossed the border to France (and Strasbourg is really practically on the border) all of a sudden everything is totally French, and different. For example I could never imagine most of the people at the show on a German hardcroe show. This is not bad or good, it’s just what I thought. Interesting I guess. the show was good even though Fabe’s amp broke during the first song or so. We had some good fun, and then we drove home in our little VW Golf with a full trunk and packed with five guys. Like back in the days of our first tour (Croatia and Slovenia that was)…

theshow: Wangen/Germany, Tonne, October 12 2002

theplayers: Tidal, One Million Thoughts, Wilde 13 plus 1or 2

theplayahaters: 200

notes: It was raining as hell, that’s what I remember. Our first show on European soil after our South American road trip. I don’t remember that much, except that in the same place there was some chic kids’ party in some sort of basement with ass shaker hip hop music. I also remember a bottle of Sambuca. And some well-done Chili too. But that was after thge show. The place (somewhat a traditional hardcore show venue with a long history) was very crowded, and I think we played last. Most people were not that interested in us, which was almost a shock considered the interest everybody showed towards us in South America. It was like waking up again and realizing that this is fucking Germany and not Brazil. But well, that’S how it is. We spent a night there and I recall it as being quite nice actually, we joined the other party and emptied that bottle of Sambuca we were given as Catering (upon special request ;) ). Really different to what we had experienced in the past months, but it was a party, and so we partied too.

theshow: Strasbourg/France, Molodoi, Sunday June 30 2002

theplayers: Costa’s Cake House, Tidal

theplayahaters: 20

notes: The trip from Saarlouis, where we had watched the final round of the football world cup (and where everybody was having an awesome party even though Germany had lost the match), to Strasbourg was fantastic. We drove through Saarland, Mosel and Alsace, and we enjoyed the Frence look of everything, which really changes when you cross the border, as in Germany, at least in Baden-Wuerttemberg, everything has to be white and clean and perfect, but on the countyside in France you can see old rotten houses and a lot more nature. It seems that people accept nature a lot more there than here. We stopped at a lake somewhere and sat on the footbridge there and enjoyed natural fumes ;). Finally in Strasbourg, the Molodoi was scarily big. During the show there were only 20 people and there was a huge echo going on in this at least ten meter high room. But this show was enjoyable noentheless and we did enjoy it and plaed a few new songs as good as we hadn’t played them live before. Costa’s Cake House were really good this time, better than I had remembered them to be, really good, but we couldn’t watch them till the end since we had to drive Fabe to the Offenburg station (he had to catch the last train at 0.22). A wonderful weekend that shortened the waiting time until we hit the South American roads.

theshow: Lebach/Germany, JuZ, Saturday June 29

theplayers: Twelve Hour Turn, Tidal, Killed By Malaise, Potomac

theplayahaters: 80

notes: Lebach is a small town in the state of Saarland. It’s one of the smaller towns where HC shows take place, yet there seem to be a lot more people at shows than in bigger German towns/cities (that’s what our experience tells us), which is cool, respect to the local scene! So There was supposed to be a Tischkicker tournament but the Tischkicker was broken so we just pklayed soccer outside a little. It was definitely nice to play for a bigger crowd again. potomac and Killed by Malaise, two local bands from da Saarland, knew how to play and they were thoroughly appreciated. Actually Potomac with their style mixture of Chaos, Emo and Metal elements reminded me a little of our older stuff, as far as musical style is concerned. Our set started off really good, and it got even better, the climax being when the electricity broke down right in the middle of the end of We Are out of Step, you know when it goes stomp the floor and “step by step you’re losing ground…”. There was no light and no music, except for DonJ who kept playing the drums till the end of the song and us and parts of the audience screaming the song which more than saved the end of this song. Bear with me as I must be pathetic now, but this was legendary. We thought we played so loud and tough that the electricity couldn’t stand our strength (hugh!) but it turned out that Fabe had accidentally stomped on a socket and got a little electric shock which caused the whole electricity to drop.
Twelve Hour Turn played a good and long last show of their tour that lasted for some weeks I think. Too bad we didn’t get to talk much with them as they were really nice people.

theshow: Karlsruhe/Germany, Erdbeermund, Sunday June 16 2002

theplayers: The Flying Worker, Tidal, Elektrolochmann

theplayahaters: 20

notes: Our first show in Baden finally! And yet another brothel was the location we would play in. A bar with a lot of red light and a barkeepr who wouldn’t even give us water, which proves that Badensians are actually even more avaricious than us Swabians. Anyway we played on the floor (good) after Elektrolochmann (good, too) and, yeah, it rocked! Despite only 20 ppl inside… but más vale 20 personas con fuego que 100 personas cansadas… And then, The Flying Worker, with who we had already played last summer on our tour near Rennes in Yann’s garden (read below)… and really, they have certainly improved!Nice Orchid-/Uranus-style Emo-Violence (TM) showing the audience a lot of backside body (whatever that means…) Aaaahh what a refreshment once again… but the red light was damn hot!

theshow: Neumuenster/Germany, AJZ, Saturday May 25 2002

theplayers: Mr. Burns, Celebrity Roast, Endstand, Tidal, Duesenjaeger

theplayahaters: 40

notes: The next day, another day off, we drove to Hamburg and hung out at the Reeperbahn and later at Schanzenviertel, where we met crack smokers who wanted to sell us their shorts. Again, due to terribly bad tour organization, we had no place to sleep except for three of us in our van. The local Backpacker’s (“Instant Sleep”) was too expensive for our tastes, so we started asking strangers if they had three places to sleep. Of course, most of the time without success, until we found a nice girl who actually let us sleep on her floor. Nice to find cool people from time to time. The next day we drove to the East Sea for the first time, checked it out, said “cool” and drove back to Neumuenster to this festival. Unfortunately only very few people showed up so this was kind of strange. The stage was pretty high and the people were about 10 meters away from us. It was okay anyway, could’ve been better but good enough. Almost right after the show we drove back home, 10 hours, we got through really fast, no cars, no traffic jams, just drove right through. Nice “tour” again, but so tired now…

theshow: Essen/Germany, Emokeller, Wednesday May 22 2002

theplayers: Tidal, Engrave, Megatonin

theplayahaters: 30

notes: We were back in the Pott! And of course, with lots of pot in our lungs (damn us!). We played in the famous Emokeller in Essen-Ruetenscheid. Megatonin and Engrave played before us, quite entertaining and funny in this small room with carpet floors. We played and at first the kids were a little shy, but as we stripped off our shyness (and our shirts and pants), they started to dance, and it got coler and cooler, or say, hotter and hotter, with the climax of Borsi pulling down my boxers so everybody could see shocking facts. This show was, let me state that, nothing short of awesome, even if that sounds like an everyday phrase. We had so much fun with those 20 people that were left in the end, it was just a blast.
The day after we went to Leverkusen to see our pals Yaphet Kotto and maybe play ourselves, but the venue had a curfew on 10.30 pm so thaht was nothing. Instead, we played kicker and drank Absinth with the guys and some of us and them ran around in their boxers because they lost 6:0 in kicker matches. We had no place to sleep though, but after some searching Dennis and Martin of Scene Police were so kind to let us sleep in Bonn at Dennis’s toy temple (where I accidentally used the girls’ toilet, sorry about that…)

theshow: Zittau/Germany, EMIL, Saturday May 18 2002

theplayers: Thema 11, Tidal, Victims of Society

theplayahaters: 120

notes: Zittau, in the most eastern part of Eastern Germany, was the show that marked Tidal’s first touch with East German ground. Were we excited? Not more or less than usual, so when we arrived – quite late, due to our notoric easy travelling style (stopping every 15 minutes for piss breaks, getting fuel or eating), but of course never too late to play. We got big eyes when we were served a great three-way meal for dinner, with lots of beans and onions which promised a hot night. That was started by Victims of Society form Belgium (who didn’t want us to play over their boxes). They played Old School in a really predictable way, just like you’ve heard it a thousand times. Still they were good at it, they had drive and power, which is of course not always the case with that boring type of music. Up next was Tidal, an Emo band from Germany, who entered the one meter high rock star stage and started playing like choreographically practiced. The sound was really good, they almost made no mistakes which is pretty seldom for a Tidal show, and they always seemed to choose just the right song to play next. The audience wasn’t that much moving, but they seemed to like it nonetheless (they bought lots of T-Shirts after the show which is sort of an indicator isn’t it?). Really well-played, respect. Thema Eleven from Czech Republic were also great, playing a mix of Ebullition style Hardcore and Neurosis/Lvmen type of stuff, and you could see that they’re totally into it. Well, the next day we chose to drive a kilometer to the Polish border to get cheap cigarettes, and when we were there, we decided to drive another kilometer to the Czech border in order to get cheap and good Absinth. After that, we drove back home since the next show was on Wednesday, so we thought we’d just practice some new songs a little. So we drove back, Zittau, Dresden, Chemnitz, Nuernberg, and we should’ve changed Autobahns around Nuernberg, but we were so deeply sunken into a conversation about the psychological aspects of playing and crowd reactions, then we rolled a joint, and suddenly we found ourselves 100 kilometers before Munich. So, 120 kilometers driven for nothing, we turned around and drove back home.

theshow: Stuttgart/Germany, Hi, Wednesday May 8 2002

theplayers: Tidal, Acabah Rot celebrating their split record

theplayahaters: 80

notes: The “Hi-Club” is a former strip club that has this red light feel. there are separées, mirrors and all, and it’s a small club into which max. 80 people fit. So when Acabah started, it was already very crowded and the mood was great. they played their awesome new songs and everything was great. everybody was having a great time. Same thing when we played, we were really having lots of fun and obviously the audience that consisted of a lot of friends of ours too. We played two new songs for the first times which was fun even though we made quite a few mistakes. Mind you, we dont get to rehearse that often anymore… After the show the party went on and on and you don’t stop. We partied with our new friend Hans, age 42, who wrote us awesome poems that no-one understood but that sounded great. One (I also said it through the mic because Hans had asked me to do that) went like this: “Ich und wir / wir und wir / Hört die Dinge Schaffender”. the guys at the door of the club were kind of shitty but that’s what it’s like in big city clubs. Still this was an awesome party, you will see photos here soon.

visuals: flyer

theshow: Schwyz/Switzerland, Himmel, Friday March 8 2002

theplayers: Tidal, The Sublinguals

theplayahaters: 70

notes: So we started, driving through the alps, the sun was shining as always, it was just great. Until we reached the former border crossing between Italy and Austria, the Brenner Pass. As this border is inner-EU, there should be no border controls. But as the pigs always do what they want, (they do!) we were suddenly facing about 6 Austrian border cops who were asking us to empty our bags.. Asked why there were controls, they said because the Iranian President was visiting Austria, and for security reasons they decided to close the borders. So I asked what it was they were looking for. Well, drugs, they answered. Now does this make sense? Could drugs be a security danger for the Iranian president? They found nothing again, and most of them didn’t really care except one young asshole who was really motivated about fucking up us punks.What he did find was dried peppermint tea in a small box – “What do we have here?” he asked me triumphantly, “well, smell it,” I answered, which he did, and so he stoped asking. It was quite funny though. Upon trying to enter Switzerland, we had the fortune to meet one of the possible biggest assholes on the border. He made us stand in a line in front of the van while he searched through it. We were kinda angry already since we just wanted to fucking get on and not be stopped by every fucking border cop who wanted to fuck us up. He found nothing, except our records. Then he got the idea that we have to pay a fine because we didn’t declare the records for import tax (but he hadn’t even asked us if we want to declare anything!) So he wrote down “CDs 25 SFR” (about 18 euro!). We protested of course, and after a small argument, he threw us out of Switzerland. We took another crossing whatsoever and with only small problems we finally entered this small rich elitist country. Unfortunately we were still right in the middle of the alps, so we drove up and down and up and down and possible passed all of Switzerland’s ski tourist villages. After a long time we were there, in Schwyz. Friends from Germany were already waiting for us there, and the equipment was all set up. We were served awesome food, and then the Sublinguals started the show in front of an audience by the average age of 16 years. That was fun, since those kids were not standing in the back with arms crossed and hands in pockets but they were dancing and having fun. No change when we played, all the kids were dancing, Borsi’s voice was totally fucked up you wouldn’t believe it, and we had to play several encores until the kids let us go. It was a great last show of the tour. After the show, we partied on until the next morning, making soup and drinking Swiss Gola (the best tasting cola, and it’s totally PC!) Actually we didn’t really want to go home the next day, we would’ve loved to just tour on for another week, but so it had to be, and so it was, and so we were back, and we knew that the road was truly where we belong. This has been our absolutely best tour to date.

theshow: Bozen/Italy, JUMP, Thursday, March 7 2002

theplayers: Tidal, ???

theplayahaters: 50

notes: we drove through slovenia, and in in slovenia there is a stupid law that says you have to drive with the lights on all day, even at bright sunshiny daylight as it was that day. well, they stopped us of course and we had to pay a 50 DM fine for that stupid law.
we arrived in bolzano a day earlier, but it was a fucking good decision. peffi, the guy who set up the show, by the way pretty mich the coolest person we’ve ever met on tour, was waiting for us in the city and immediately took us out to a bar of a friend of him. at 2 am we went on to party in a night club (don’t worry, the ladies didn’t work that night) where there was a lame party of some pseudo-elitist design students. we stayed there for a while but at 4 am we went to peffi’s home in st. paulo (hey, we’ll play there this summer ;) ) and there he showed us how to make pasta – i think i’ve never had pasta as good as that. and it was so simple th way he made the sugo… impressive. peffi went to bed atggg about 5 am and two hours later he went to work. at night he organized the show and partied again till about 4 am. now that’s what i call a party man!
the show was really good, even if the crowd didn’t really show any signs of affection, but oddly enough they seemed to really like it as we were told after. the next morning before we left, the sunn was shining bright in Eppan, and the woman of the small shop where we bought water for the trip gave us loads of food for free, stuff she couldn’t sell anymore because it was from last christmas. it tasted great whatsoever…
now the final odyssee was about to start…

visuals: fine

theshow: Zagreb/Croatia, Attack, Monday, March 4 2002

theplayers: Tidal, Equal

theplayahaters: 40

notes:On our way to Croatia we were once again stopped at the border by some austrian fascist cop who made us empty all our luggage. of course we are clean people ;) so he didn’t find anything except for used tissues, which seemed to make him kind of sad. poor guy. he probably told his mother with swollen chest that evening that he stopped some punks at the border and gave them orders. after some hours we arrived in rush hour zagreb which is a bit messy with such a big van, so we stopped somewhere in town and waited for our dear friend davor to pick us up. to our disappointmet we were not served delicious bean stew (like on all the shows of the tour last year), but instead pasta (which was also good of course). the concert was in attack again, and it was very cold down in this basement. Equal, especially their singer, pulled off a funny show between the songs making the announcements all in German so nobody (except us) could understand them. we were cold and had technical problems, so the flow of the show was kind of disturbed. but it was nice seeing all those people again (we also met a friend from germany at the show who had hitchhiked there from budapest. we spent another romantic day in zagreb and then we went on towards italy.

theshow: Vienna/Austria, TueWi, Saturday March 2 2002

theplayers: Garrison, Tidal, The Atlantic Monthly

theplayahaters: 120

notes: This day, after sharing Prague’s city with German and American tourists for a while, took us to Vienna, the city of… whatever. If we’d known what a night was waiting for us! The food was great, so were all of the bands (Atlantic Monthly, Garrison), and of course so wasa the bottle of Absinth, teh devil’s favorite drink, which he had bought in Prague and which we emptied in Vienna with the head of our first fanclub out of the Austrian Steiermark and Paddy’s first lookalike, whose name was – guess – also Patrick! But, not to forget, the show was a rocket, though nothing seemed to really work at all. The kids went nuts in the spirit of Dunkerque and Sisak (read below), and to push them even more we announced a dancing contest whose winner was to get a free Tidal T-Shirt. Well, the night, as you might already have guessed, was – in short – excessive. The proud Americans Garrison were Absinth-minded too, and we partied a lot. unfortunately the show in budapest the next day was cancelled so we spent another day in Vienna and went out for dinner in the only (?) vegan Bauernrestaurant in Austria which was delicious.

theshow: Prague/Czech Republic, 007, Friday March 1


theplayahaters: 50

notes:As soon as we’d left Berlin, heading to the pretty city of Praha, the sun appeared and made this one another enjoyable trip. We drove through Dresden, Oberhaeslich(!), the German-Czech border (first border problems: too few seats in the van. Solution: it was too cold for them to get out of their little control hut so the Czechs let us pass).
007 is a club in the basement of one out of11 concrete buildings next to the stadium. Most of these buildings were full of student apartments (reminding of the one Futurama’s Bender lives in). The show was a good 2nd one of a tour. The people were nice, they even danced a little and mostly seemed to really enjoy it (as we did), except maybe the one adolescent who, when he found out that we are actually NOT from the US, as was announced in the club’s program, seemed really disappointed even though he said before he found out that he really enjoyed the show… weird guy…

theshow: Berlin, Tommy-Weissbecker-Haus, Thursday February 28

theplayers: Tidal, Acabah Rot, Avery

theplayahaters: 60

notes: Four months can be quite a long time. October 2001 to February 2002 was a long time for Tidal, since that period was another no-shows no-rehearsals time due to Borsi’s holidays in the sun.
So four months after our last show we were about to hit the road again, and, as you might well imagine, we could hardly sit still in the weeks and days before February 28.
And then, getting the new split records with Acabah Rot packed (they arrived a day before we left), we entered el colectivo, our infamous van, whose last tour this was meant to be (an entire story in itself), and el colectivo entered the road, the place, we agreed without a doubt, that we truly belong. And there was enough time to enjoy it: the trip to Berlin took ten hours, we drove through rain and Sunshine, snow and storms,and, shortly before Berlin, a radar control honored our now 20-year-old van by taking a picture – apparently we were driving too fast on the Autobahn. Quite a funny thing if you know that el colectivo hardly makes more than 110 km/h…
The show was at the Tommy-Weissbecker-Haus in Berlin-Kreuzberg, a house formerly occupied by true left-wing idealists, now by capitalists (are these the same now?) anyway, also another story…
Local heroes Avery started the show, trying to teart the devil out of the squirrel’s ass which was quite nice indeed. The audience however didn’t dare to move. Acabah Rot were very impressive, but it might have been even more impressive if the audience had moved a little. They didn’t.
So we had promised ourselves to tear the sticks out of people’s asses whenever they stand arms-crossed, hands-in-pockets in the back of the room. This turned out to be a task that was too hard for us, so we just tore the sticks out of our own asses which was fun enough, and saved the night for us.